Birds of Prey Destiny 2 – Location of All the Five Feathers : Destiny 2

Just after a week of Hawkmoon update, Bungie released the Harbringer quest. However, to complete Harbringer secret mission, you have first to complete the Birds of prey quest. Further, this quest consists of finding locations of feathers of light inside Harbringer. In this article, you will get to know more about it. Read the complete article and find out the locations of feathers of light.

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Birds of Prey Quest

To complete Harbringer, you need to play the birds of prey quest. Also, by finishing this quest, you will get your first random rolled Hawkmoon. At the end of the Harbringer secret mission, you will have an opportunity to grab a ship called Radiant Accipiter. 

Birds of Prey Quest Locations

The foremost thing that you need to do is open the quest. It is recommended that you should pick up the quest with all the characters. By doing so, you can use the maximum potential. The logic is the more characters you have, the more feathers you will be able to collect. And also, these things took place every week. Further, if this is your first battle, then you have to begin with the Harbringer mission. Also, it would be best if you used void solar and arc weapons to deal with the enemy’s shield.

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All Five Feather Locations

As soon as you enter the first space. You will find a Wizard on your left, a cabal in the center, and a captain to your right. However, begin with the wizard and kill all the enemies. As you proceed, you will find a room with a glass door at the corner along with a signboard on it. Go through the glass door and collect your first feather. 

Birds of Prey Destiny 2 - Location of All the Five Feathers : Destiny 2

For the second feather, when you enter the room. Proceed in your right direction. As you move, you will see a place where an old part of the rocket is placed. Go across that location and find a place where number two is painted in a large space. Then you will find a door, pass it and climb up the staircase. Proceed further till you find a small mechanical bridge. But don’t forget to kill the enemies before reaching out for the feathers.

Birds of Prey Destiny 2 - Location of All the Five Feathers : Destiny 2

For the next location, move in your left direction. And all you need to do is jump until you reach a passage to find this feather. After jumping from that old part of the rocket-like structure, take a jump and get inside a room.  After getting out of this room. Jump at least four times till you reach the top. In the corner, you will find the feather.

Birds of Prey Destiny 2 - Location of All the Five Feathers : Destiny 2

Now for the fourth feather, you have to move to the end of the game. But before the boss room, you will find a broken pipe, furthermore, after walking on that pipe. You are required to follow an alternate route. Pass through the caves and be ready to fight the enemies. You will find the fourth feather under an old tree.

Birds of Prey Destiny 2 - Location of All the Five Feathers : Destiny 2

Lastly, for the fifth feather. First, fight the enemies behind you. Cause only then can you proceed further. Kill the last guardian and collect the last feather.

Birds of Prey Destiny 2 - Location of All the Five Feathers : Destiny 2

So, there you have it, guys. This is all the information that you need to know about Birds of Prey Destiny 2. To get all the updates on Destiny 2, stay tuned with Game Stanza and follow us on Google News.

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