Radiant Accipiter Destiny 2 – Bird of Prey Quest : Destiny 2

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In this article we were going to know about radiant accipiter in destiny 2. Completely read the article till end to know about and how to receive radiant accipiter in destiny2. 

  • Destiny 2 is an free to play multiplayer online game created and published by Bungie. It was one of the most playable online video game playable by many people across the world. This game was released on 6th september,2017.

Radiant Accipiter Destiny 2

  • It’s an new ship available in game for players can receive after participating in many events and tasks available in game. The players can receive the radiant accipiter ship by completing the event “birds of prey”.
  • Birds of prey is an event available in game. Players of game have to complete the birds of prey event in destiny2 to receive radiant accipiter ship.
Radiant Accipiter Destiny 2 - Bird of Prey Quest : Destiny 2

Where Player Can Find The Birds Of Prey Event ?

  • Player have to participate in hawkmoon event after completing that event they will have chance to get bird of Prey. In hawkmoon event players have to travel tangled shore in a ship and speak with crow. There players have chance to get an weekly event called “Birds of Prey”.
Radiant Accipiter Destiny 2 - Bird of Prey Quest : Destiny 2
  • After acquiring the bird of pery If not completed. complete all events in Hawkmoon to reach birds of prey. And after reaching the bird’s of pery player have to complete all the missions and tasks available on the birds of prey.
  • After completing birds of prey players not only will unlock the ship but also the “feathers of light”. By completing the birds of pery players were able to receive the “Ship Radiant Accipiter”.
  • So, that’s it guys this was all information on radiant accipiter destiny2.

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