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Genshin Impact Gliding challenge is a new event which started from December 4 to December 14, 2020. But only players have ranked higher than 20, So if you are struggling to get over 20, keep calm and work hard!

Apparently, 2 days have been passed by through this weekly challenge event; for the second day, the players had to head for Mt. Aozang. For this challenge, you need to have a master speed and altitude to complete the gliding course. The weekly challenge event is now at its day 3, and a lot of things are happening. 

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How to Participate in the Event of Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact - Gliding Challenge Day 3 Gameplay Guide - Fly With The Wind - YouTube
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The date of the Genshin Impact Gliding Challenge is from December 4 to December 14, 2020. Anyone can participate in this challenge above the rank of 20; this the basic terms and conditions for this challenge. For the next 7 days, a new gliding course will un-lock. You can complete the challenge any time this week. Just make sure to complete them by this week, or else you will miss out on some amazing rewards. 

Head over to your Event menu in the game, Click on ‘Gliding Challenge‘ and then on ‘quest details

A challenge menu will pop out; click on the challenge, and open up a map. Go to the location and finish the task..’

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How to Complete the Gliding Challenge in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Beginner's Guide to Exploration - How to Move Around and Survive in the Wild
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There are different challenges in the course of one week, so make sure to check out our website for regular updates and guides for the challenge. Well, let’s head over to challenge guides. 

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Challenge 1: Birds in the Breeze

Birds in the Breeze - Gliding Challenge - Events | Genshin Impact |
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  • Challenge 1: Birds in the Breeze
  • Location: Southeast of Luhua Pool

For the first challenge, you have to head over to the southeast of Luhua Pool. You can travel in the same direction from the nearest statue of the seven; there, you will find the starting point for the challenge. If you have followed the instructions correctly, you will find the right-hand side’s event location.

Don’t open your glider right away; wait for the perfect timing, and open your glider according to the speed attained. First, run towards the cliff edge and wait for a certain height before opening your glider, or else it will be too high. 

Some minor points to keep in mind: save up the sprint ability for the last part of the track; you will be gliding over the water, so might want the last bit of sprint to get over the task.

Challenge 2: Spread Your Wings

Genshin Impact' Is Free-To-Play Fun — If You Can Resist Opening Your Wallet : NPR
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  • Challenge 2: Spread Your Wings
  • Location: West part of Liyue

The second challenge is situated south of Mt. Aozang, in the west part of liyue. To start the event, you have to move towards the cliff’s edge, and you will see the red starting mechanism below. 

There are no such big obstacles in this path, but it’s not that easy to complete. You have to use an upwards current to stay in a perfect course so that you can reach the first Anemo ring, which will give you a boost to reach a certain height. 

Some points to keep in mind: Try to save up the sprint for later on because the course is a relatively straight path, so you need a boost in the end.

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Challenge 3: Fly with the wind

Genshin Impact Secret Island & Quest Guide
Credit: TechRaptor
  • Challenge 3: Fly with the wind
  • Location: Between Springvale and Windrise

The third gliding challenge is located in between Springvale and Windrise. You can see the red mechanism on top of a cliff in a distance while walking from a distance. 

The gliding course splits in two. After the first split, go towards your left; here, your sprint ability will charge up. After the second split, you will have both courses to take, but taking the left path will have the Anemo ring, which will give you a boost to complete the task faster.  

Challenge 4: Wind Barriers

Wind Barriers Challenge

  • Challenge 4: Wind Barriers
  • Location: Between Jueyun Karst and Cuijue Slope

The fourth gliding challenge is located in between Jueyun Karst and Cuijue Slope. You will reach the starting point of the challenge when you go near the teleport waypoint and climb up the rocks; you will be able to see the challenge as soon as you reach the top.

Careful with the unique obstacle that can come in your way, which is the Wind Breakers. When you fly through these orange rings, it will slow down your speed, so it would be a good option if you avoid those. But there is also another option which you can apply. You can fly through those orange rings and immediately use your sprint ability so that you do not lose your speed.

At the end of this challenge, the gliding course will split in two. After the first split, go towards your left; here, you will get Animo rings. Now the right division only has particles and insignias. Moving towards your right can give you a higher score, but it isn’t easy to move in the right, so to do that, you can use your sprint ability and quickly move to your right and get the higher score.

We are excited for the next challenge, stay tuned for the next guide about the challenge.

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