Fortnite Galactus Event and all you want to know about it

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When is the Fortnite Galactus event going to happen?

Fortnite season 5: Here's what happened to Galactus and why the game is down - CNET
Credit: cnet

Time and timezone for when and where Fortnite Galactus event is going to happen.

  • US West Coast: 1 PM PT
  • US East Coast: 4 PM ET
  •  the UK: 9 pm GMT
  •  AUS:7 AM AET

As the event is scheduled to begin at 1 PM PT/3 PM ET (December 1), an in-game Countdown timer appears to be set for 1:10 PM PT/ 3:10 PM ET, so there might be a small buffer before the actual action begins.

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What Will Happen in Fortnite Galactus Event?

If something is going to happen like in the previous season of Fortnite, then things will be spiced up for sure. Fans are waiting and expecting something like a Superhero Movie. So to participate, you need to hurt and get there early and ready to Participate. For now, you can only head to the helicarrier, and you can only watch the countdown. You can see The Galactus Giants Head looming in the BackGround just off the coast of the island.

the Fortnite Galactus event

Credits: Gamespot 

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Devourer of the world is the only playlist available right now. With the Description”Defend the island to save all Reality!”. Once you join the lobby, you will load into the helicarrier like a regular pre-match session. But The countdown timer will be set to 10 minutes past the 1 PM PT/ 4 PM ET start time, which can be seen on a Hologram in a Distance, the giant’s head of Galactus on the horizon. If you spawn on the helicarrier, you are in the right place. As it says, The fight against the Galactus will begin on the helicarrier.

There is no doubt that the big purple guys will arrive and wreak havoc, which will be fought by our brave marvel heroes Iron man, thor and others who have made an appearance in this season. The fight which is gonna happen may change the map. If it happens, it will be done for season 5. But for that, we will have to wait and see which location or landmark will be wiped.

Fortnite Galactus live event: Date, regional timings, and other details
Credit: Epic games

The official date has not been announced but the season 5 may start after the event ends maybe on December 2nd or December 3rd. The fans are really excited to know what’s gonna happen in the next season.

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Galactus Skin

On this, the only thing you can expect is the Galactus skin. As there was a skin leak recently on Twitter, this event may bring a skin based on the villain. However, it’s not clear that you will only use this item during the event or you can also use in future matches like the other Fortnite skins. 

How to watch The Galactus Event

The Galactus event was Fortnite's biggest yet
Credit: The Verge

In some case, if you fail to join the live server, you can watch any streamer who will take part in the season-ending event on event on twitch. Nickmercs, SypherPK are the two popular streamers who will participate in the event and broadcast on their channels. You can browse through twitch, or you can watch the stream Highlight later.

Will the event be organized for IOS?

Sad news to all the ios or the other mobile device users you will have to rely on streams of other streamers.



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