Radiant Cliffs Destiny 2 – Destiny 2 Call out maps : Destiny 2

Maps are the most interesting part of a game. And if you get a chance to play in a map like Radiant Cliffs Destiny 2, you can be sure to have a stupendous experience. Radiant Cliff is the third and last map introduced in Destiny 2: curse of Osiris guide by Bungie. This can map can be easily named as one of the best maps in the destiny 2. The map is very minimalistic in nature. It does not contain a lot of things and is very simple. The map is set on Mercury in the past. This map was rolled out as a weekly map in Trial of Osiris on 1st Jan.


Radiant Cliffs Destiny 2 Map Guide

Radiant Cliffs Destiny 2 - Destiny 2 Call out maps : Destiny 2

Radiant cliff has a perfect competitive environment and simple design. It seems fair and simple for the players and does not come with the excess clutter. The map is really simple and easy to navigate. But players who are new to the game may need some help. So, here are some strategies, tips and tricks that can help you ease your gaming experience more while playing in the Radiant Cliffs map.

  • First of all you should know that this map is a combo or a combination of ranges. So choose a weapon accordingly.
  • The best option would be to be equipped with a combo of weapons. The best combo for this map will be SMG and Scout Rifle.
  • This will help you in both, domination as well as long range and short range.
  • For an easy win, take help of your friends and revolve around the map as a unit. It will create more damage and will also improve your teamwork and skills.


Radiant Cliffs Destiny 2 - Destiny 2 Call out maps : Destiny 2

There is nothing much use of strategies as the map is not that fancy and is really simple and minimalistic. But using one can always make it easy to win.

  • The large tree area in the map is very open. This has made it prone to attacking.
  • So it is better to hold on to a position and stay there for a while. Also taking cover around the map can be great to gain some help.
  • And if you feel that the enemy can be hidden somewhere nearby. Using a grenade to wipe them off will be a smart move.

That was all for the Radiant Cliffs Destiny 2 map. Hope it makes your play in map easy. And helps you complete it without a glitch.

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