Harbinger Feathers Destiny 2 – Where to Find Them? All you need to know : Destiny 2

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The quest is a two-part mission in which the players have to complete certain harbinger activities and simultaneously collect “feathers of light” over the course of several weeks to complete the second part of the quest. Many players are facing problems in getting their hands on the feathers. Here is a complete guide on the location of features that we know so far. Read on to know the exact locations of Harbinger Feathers Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 has always been rife with cool missions to complete. The game developers never cease to surprise the players with their new and innovative missions that tend to keep the players hooked; that is obviously why the game has been going on for over four years with no decline in popularity. The latest in the fray is the birds of prey quest. This quest is actually an exotic mission by the crow.

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How to get the Feathers?

The first thing to know is, the features are to be collected over a period of weeks. Hence the developers are sure to introduce new locations with time. 

Harbinger Feathers Destiny 2 - Where to Find Them? All you need to know : Destiny 2

We here are providing you the latest updated locations where the feathers are known to be found now.

The first five-six places to get the feathers lie in the harbinger mission only. Hence your first step must be to go and start the mission.

We have already provided a detailed guide on how to start the harbinger mission. Please refer to that article if you have any troubles.

 To summarize, you have to talk to the crow and start the prey quest birds. You’ll be then transported to the EDZ, where you have to break through a fireplace in a dilapidated house to reveal a secret path. Upon the end, you’ll find a fuse that will be used to start the mission.

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Exact locations of the Harbinger Feathers Destiny 2

Once you have started the mission, make sure to pay attention to these locations, and you’ll get the feathers:

  • You’ll find some feathers in the cage right before the wizard boss room, open the cage with a red button, and collect the feathers.

Harbinger Feathers Destiny 2 - Where to Find Them? All you need to know : Destiny 2

  • In the second boss room that is the phalanx boss, you’ll find a feather on the bridge between the two turbines.
  • Below the captain boss room, you’ll find a room with a cylinder. At the top of that room, you’ll find a feather on the box on the catwalks.

Harbinger Feathers Destiny 2 - Where to Find Them? All you need to know : Destiny 2

  • Before the boss room, you’ll find these two locations where the feathers are made sure to collect.
  • Finally, you’ll get feathers from some of the chests you come across. While clearing different rooms, make sure to collect them all

So, there you have it, guys. This is all the information that you need to know about Harbinger Feathers Destiny 2. To get all the latest updates about Destiny 2, follow us on Game Stanza and Google News.

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