Marigold Fortnite Skin – How to Get the Marigold Skin? : Fortnite

The latest update of season 5 of Fortnite is out now. However, there was a rumor about this latest update. Further, the update has a new Marigold Fortnite skin in the golden challenge. It is also popular as a Female Midas skin. Epic Games had released the said information in the 15.50 update. Check the article to know more information about the skin and the challenges in the update.

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Marigold Fortnite Skin

In general, it is popular as Female Midas skin. It is an epic rarity. The theme line attached with this skin is Break the curse of the golden touch.” However, it is only expected to receive this in the Golden touch bundle. Further, it is expected that the cost of this skin would be around 2200 V-Bucks. But remember, it is available in golden bundle only and cannot individually be sold. The most eye-catching fact about this skin is that the skin can turn itself into golden color and make the character look more impressive.

The Golden Touch Bundle consists of Golden Gambit Black Bling, the Golden Daggers Pickaxe, and 1500 V-Bucks. Some items present in this bundle are capable of editing themselves. They can change themselves from a normal look to an extremely astonishing look. You can observe the edition in the images down below.

Marigold Fortnite Skin - How to Get the Marigold Skin? : Fortnite

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Fortnite golden touch challenges

The following are the parts of the golden touch challenge for which you need the golden bundle.

  • Complete rarer quests(6)
  • Complete uncommon quests(12)
  • further, complete uncommon quests(18)
  • finish rarer quests(24)
  • at last, complete uncommon quests (30)

How to get marigold skin?

Initially, you can only get this skin by completing the challenge, which Epic games will soon update. Hence, till now, there is no official update specifying facts about unlocking the skin.

Price of the skin

Although, only the presence of skin is officially known. But unfortunately, there is no official update on the price and release date of the skin. However, it is expected to cost around 24 dollars for the golden touch pack. Also, this pack would be released in the next two weeks. 

Here, all the relevant information related to Marigold has already been disclosed. You have to wait till the official release of the skin in the item shop. Stay tuned with Game Stanza and follow us on Google News for all the latest updates.

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