New Prime Skins Valorant – All the New Skins in the Latest Update : Valorant

    Being a first-person shooter game and also team-based game, Valorant is quite famous since its launch. The involvement of special animations has further enhanced the beauty of this game. Further, the game has many interesting things in it. Skins are one of the points of attraction to this game. Out of all skins, Prime skins are recognized as one of the best collections. Recently, Riot had announced a  new set of Prime skins. In this article, we are going to talk about New Prime Skins Valorant. So, kindly read this article till the end to know everything about it.

    New Prime Skins Valorant

    On the evening of March 1st, a new set of prime skins were introduced through a Valorant official Twitter account. However, these set are available on the following day of the official tweet. Prime skin bundle is a very much known cosmetic in the content of the game. Further, it is mainly composed of gold, purple and white color, which anyhow depicts royalty in the game. However, in the latest prime bundle, you will receive weapons, cards, spray, and some other compulsive things. Below is the list of the items you will probably be receiving in this bundle.

    • In weapons
    1.  Phantom
    2. Frenzy
    3. Bucky
    4. Odin
    5. Melee
    • Gun buddy
    • Card
    • Spray

    Furthermore, act two, 2nd episode will provide the gamers a battle pass along with the Prime 2.0 collection. Also, the bundle price of this prime collection is 7100 Valorant points or VP.

    From Where One Can Get the Prime Bundle

    Primarily, you can purchase the prime bundle from an in-game store which costs you 7100VP. However, there are two ways for the players to buy them. One is on individual basis and the second one comes for bundle purchase. Here, bundle price means a kind of bulk purchase or to buy the whole collection.

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    List of Prime Skins

    Phantom | New Prime Skins Valorant

    New Prime Skins Valorant - All the New Skins in the Latest Update : Valorant


    New Prime Skins Valorant - All the New Skins in the Latest Update : Valorant

    Bucky | New Prime Skins Valorant

    New Prime Skins Valorant - All the New Skins in the Latest Update : Valorant


    Odin Valorant - Gamestanza

    Melee | New Prime Skins Valorant

    Melee Valorant - Gamestanza

    However, all the above weapons except melee have four variants and 4 levels each. But melee required one variant and two-level.

    The following is the list of the price of prime skins

    • For skin 1 the individual price is 1775 VP and 1775VP is a bundle price
    • Skin 2- 1775 VP is for both the individual price and bundle price
    • Skin3- 1775VP for both individual and bundle
    • Further, for skin 4 the price for individual and bundle is 1775VP
    • Now, for melee the individual price is 3550VP
    • For card the individual price is 375VP
    • Spray individual price is 325VP
    • and lastly, the individual price for Buddy x2 is 475VP.
    • The total individual price is 1,1825VP whereas for bundle price it costs only 7100VP.

    For those who have not interacted with a prime bundle, it’s high time for you to get them.  It is available on the 2nd of March through in-game currency.

    So, there you have it, guys. This is all the information that you need to know about New Prime Skins Valorant. To get all the latest updates on Valorant, stay tuned with Game Stanza and follow us on Google News.

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