This Week at Bungie – All the Latest Updates : Destiny 2

    This article will give information on this week’s news events, tasks, rewards & updates available on the Bungie blog for the destiny 2 game. So, kindly read the article until the end to know about the new updates and rewards to the destiny 2 game this week.

    • This week at Bungie, they intercepted a distress signal.
    • Strange things are coming your way. The guards caught a distress signal, and Commander Zavala ordered to investigate its origin. A mysterious drifting ship lurks in the depths of space. Terrifying sounds arise from within. What kinds of puzzles and treasures will it contain? Find out for yourself by starting the mission from this week’s Arms Dealer assault, Nightfall: Torment.
    • They don’t want to spoil the surprises, and developers encourage you to play the new Omen Exotic quest without reading about the horrors that await you. Still, we do want to give the curious ones a subtle mouth-opener.

    • If you got distracted during Arms Dealer Twilight, it’s worth doing it again to earn this week’s featured weapon. Developers have heard good things about Palindrome, which is a popular hand cannon from Destiny 1.
    • That’s not all they released this week. In the Cosmodrome, there is a new Battlefield with more huge battles that will pit squads at great disadvantages in numbers against large waves of enemies entrenched in a defensive position. Don’t forget to claim some Bounties from the Cosmodrome before you start disposing of Cabal one by one.

    Iron Banner

    • Next week, Lord Saladin will return to the Tower for the first time in Season of the Chosen. He brings with him Iron Banner contracts that grant milestone rewards. This week we will see the return of The Timeworn Spire and Multimach CCX, from the first year of Destiny 2, and for the first time with random assignments.

    This Week at Bungie - All the Latest Updates : Destiny 2

    • There will also be a new perk that can be assigned to these two weapons called Iron Scope. Iron reach greatly increases reach in exchange for less stability. Give it a try, and let us know what you think!
    • The Iron Will armor set is also making a return, with an update allowing it to accept new combat-style armor mods.
    • Equip yourself with your most powerful equipment and prepare your favorite weapons. And don’t forget to capture those areas.
    • The Iron Banner and Bonus Valor start at 9:00 a.m. February 23rd and ends at 9:00 a.m. m. March 2 (PST).

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    The Player Support Report Is Cursed (In Space)

    • It is time to give way to the player support team, who will indicate the problems detected and when the fixes will be released.
    • This is your report.

    Presaging Milestone

    Developers are investigating a bug that caused the Omen milestone reward to be generated as a potent reward. This will be resolved in a future update.

    Help Center Transfer

    In the early hours of today, February 18, all content guides, error code articles, troubleshooting pages, and other help center content previously hosted on were transferred to a new service. The help center address is still, and the old links from the previous help articles should still work and redirect to the new help center links.

    This new version of the help center has some visual and navigation improvements for players, but it hosts the same help content as in all the languages they offer. This transfer does not affect the #Help help forum.

    Transferring a help center is a complex task, and they want to thank the teams that helped us, especially those at and translation. If you notice bad links, untranslated sections (except for contact forms), or other problems or strange things when using the new help center site, please report them in the accompanying application forum.

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    Exceptional Designs

    Last week, the following rare skins were removed from the Eververse store due to their indication that they could be applied to the wrong armor pieces:

    • The Titan Skin The Fourteenth Anamnesis for the Helm of Saint-14.
    • Caduceus Sorcerer Skin for Aspect of an Ophidian.
    • The Mantle of Remembrance Hunter Skin for Shinobu’s Oath.

    Developers are currently working to refund Silver to players who purchased these skins in Season of the Chosen and were affected by the bug. They will give you more information as soon as we have it.

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    Bright Dust Challenge Rewards

    Developers were investigating an issue that caused some players not to receive their Brilliant Dust rewards when completing weekly Gambit, Crucible, or Vanguard challenges. Players affected by this bug will receive the Shining Dust they should have earned in a future update.

    Known Issues

    They were continuing to investigate various issues encountered. Here is a list of the most recent issues reported on the #Help help forum :

    • Several new items do not have history tabs.
    • The game could crash for some players on Saturn Rubble, Archer’s Line, or the outskirts of the EDZ.
    • Threshold Engrams Focus Type Destruction of the chosen cannot be used to focus Threshold Engrams when completed.
    • The anti-barrier modifier for Scout Rifles does not work correctly with some Scout Rifles.
    • The modifiers that benefit players on the Battlegrounds playlist are not awarding bonuses correctly.
    • Ticuu’s Divination catalyst quest does not progress with weapon blast kills.
    • There are no indicators of the availability of the weekly challenge in the CELM.
    • Players can see the account privileges window if they attempt to load Battlefield: Hail with a squad member who has not yet completed the introductory quest for Beyond the Light.
    • Players can only reset their Valor or Infamy a finite number of times.
    • The highlighted Good Company trump might not track progress if players die.
    • The door in the Hollow Lair raid will sometimes not open, causing players to interrupt the raid.

    For a full list of emerging issues in Destiny 2, please review our Issues Found article. If you notice other problems, you can report them on the #Help forum.

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    Movie Time

    • It’s time for another Video of the week. It’s your chance to show off your talent for video editing and creating Destiny-related videos for the community. We picked some winners and sent them nice emblems. It’s that easy. These are our favorites this week.

    Movie of the Week: Guardian Adventure

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    Video of the week: Perfect save!

    • Suppose your video is there. Congratulations! Please be sure to indicate your profile in the video description so they can send you the emblem.

    Launch And Salute Into The Void

    This Week at Bungie - All the Latest Updates : Destiny 2

    • It’s time for art. Static art. Like the dynamic images of before, we also like to highlight the beautiful and elaborate images that do not move and internalize them. All of these works are created by artists from our community, and this is our chance to highlight some of our favorites each week.

    Art of the Week: Enemy Invasion

    Art of the Week: Vacuum Team

    • This week the article was short; You guys have a battlefield to conquer and scary ships to explore, so they didn’t want to take too much of your time. They are happy to note that you are enjoying the Chosen Season so far, and there is no question that there is much more to come. Next week, the last Battleground will be activated on Nessus, and Saladin himself will return to the Tower.

    • As always, please keep giving them feedback. Knowing what they enjoy about the season is invaluable because it allows them to lean towards doing similar things in the future, and so is knowing what they don’t like to improve it.
    • Now solve the mystery in the stillness of space. But when you board that ship, no matter what happens, don’t let the light go out.
    • Have fun and be brave.

    For more such updates, stay tuned to Game stanza and follow us on google news.

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