Who is Sweet Anita’s Boyfriend? | Relationship, Net Worth, Work and Much More! : Esports Celebrity

    Anita, popularly known as Sweet Anita, is the Twitch star, social media personality, and hangout videos and vlogging content. She was born on July 28, 1990, in England. She is active in both YouTube and Twitch platforms.

    Who is Sweet Anita's Boyfriend? | Relationship, Net Worth, Work and Much More! : Esports Celebrity

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    Tourette Syndrome

    Anita has a syndrome called Tourette Syndrome. The disorder makes the people affected by it do repetitive movements or unwanted sounds (ticks), such as repeatedly blinking of eyes, shrugging shoulders, or blurting out offensive words. She often answers her fans about the condition she has. She has started a weekly chat stream every Thursday called “Happy Thirstday.” She is famous for her interactive personality. She even banned Twitch for being Tourette Syndrome, and then it was resolved. She makes videos on her YouTube channel.

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    Sweet Anita is well known for her streaming of games through her Twitch account and YouTube. She plays Overwatch and Apex Legends. She has subscribers over 1.24 Million on YouTube. She is active on Twitter @TweetAnita, YouTube @SweetAnita, and Facebook @SweetAnita. She won’t have an Instagram account, but there are some fan pages available.

    Personal Details

    Anita is 30 years now as was born on July 28, 1990, in England.  Her nationality is British, and she also has American Nationality. She is a Christian. Her birth sign is Leo, and her ethnicity is unknown. She didn’t reveal anything about her Parents. She is 5 ft tall that is 1.65 m or 165 cm, and about 55 kg/ 121 lbs. She has brown eyes and brown hair. She is concerned about her fitness too. She is currently single, didn’t date anybody as she is focused on her career.  Some sources say her Networth is about USD 500,000.

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    Anita started her social media career around 2018. She streams, vlogs, and does her own content on YouTube. She talks and spreads awareness about Tourette Syndrome on her social media platforms. She has loved enormous people worldwide, so she has a great number of fans or followers in her YouTube and Twitch accounts. As a social media activist, she got some death threads on live streamings and sometimes got irritated by stalkers. Anita wants to win Oscar as the Best Actress.

    If you want to know more about her and have similar interests like her, follow her on her social media platforms, and you can get to learn more about her.

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