Social Media Account Data found on Unsecured Servers – How to Protect Our Privacy? : Technology

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In this article we were going to give information on Social Media Account Data found on Unsecured servers is it true  or false?

Yes it’s true an huge amount of social media data was found unsecured servers by cyber security researchers. as per information available on other website there was an huge data more than 214 million users data across the world of Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram data were stored on unsecured servers.

Social Media Account Data found on Unsecured Servers

According to the information from safety detectives they have found that unsecured data was stored in Socialarks company servers. Socialarks was an Chinese social media managing company. researchers also saying that the company were using very less security and unsecured servers for storing the data.

Social Media Account Data found on Unsecured Servers - How to Protect Our Privacy? : Technology

This wasn’t the first time the data leak happening in Socialarks. according to Threat Post in past around August Socialarks faced an data breach or scraping issues from it’s servers.

Exposing an data isn’t illegal but exposing of social media data will violating the laws of Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn rights and services. many people want to expose their data like present stay, their interest, work, country of resident, hashtags used for promotion and more. but sensitive details like phone numbers, email address, passwords, country of birth and many other details. many people didn’t want’s to expose these sensitive data. exposing the sensitive information and storing it in unsecured servers is an violations of services. And if this information got in wrong hands may easily misused by them for frauds and crimes.

An Leading researcher Anurag Sen informed to his team during his research while searching for online threats he can able to access huge data more than 400gb and 318 million records from that server left unsecured without security protection. from the leaked data he can easily able to get users full details including contact details of them.

How to Protect Our Privacy?

Social Media Account Data found on Unsecured Servers - How to Protect Our Privacy? : Technology

  • And many of the cyber security researchers were warning on this data exposing in many servers. Jack Mannino CEO of nVisium in an interview said to Threatpost website, that every person like to use social media accounts. some people will share their private lives every day time to time.
  • But how much secure the data is? that were posting in social media. In order to secure privacy people using social media account may should be clear what information they were posting and sharing by them with others and be careful while posting an data in online, permission they were granting for application to access their profile. some application will misuse or steal information in your profile.

So that’s it guys this was all information on social media account data found on unsecured Servers for more information stay tuned to our website game stanza and also follow us on google news.

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