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Whatsapp has updated its privacy policy and this is seen as very sad news for Whatsapp users. Your Whatsapp is no more personal rather it is public now. If you don’t accept the updated policies before February 8 2021 then automatically your Whatsapp account will be deleted which has come as a shock for many.

Whatsapp new privacy policy for 2021

Whatsapp new privacy policy

The newly updated terms of services and privacy policy are applicable to all the WhatsApp services as of now. The new privacy policy will be applicable from February 2021. People have started getting notifications of the new change as soon as they opened Whatsapp on Tuesday 5. The update is for both android and ios users. In the notification popping up among users, Whatsapp has stated how they collect data and whom they share it with. Whatsapp has said that they collect-

  • status information
  • transaction and payment data
  • customer support communications
  • account information
  • address book information
  • Messages(in certain cases)

Facebook has your information now!

According to the new update, Whatsapp will share information with other Facebook companies which include user IP address, mobile device information, account registration information, transaction data, information, and how users chat with another user. Many cybersecurity experts are terming this as the end of the privacy era on Facebook. Users are force to accept these changes because WhatsApp is giving them the option to either accept or get their account delete.

Experts fear that new updates will allow WhatsApp to share information with law enforcement agencies and the government. Some are also saying that our information will be used for business purposes. WhatsApp will be sharing information with Facebook and Facebook shares information with the government on request.

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