Destiny 2 Patch Notes – Check Out the Latest Patch Notes and All the Changes in the Game : Destiny 2

In this article, we were going to give information on destiny 2 new patch notes 3.1.0 update. So, kindly read the article till the end to know about the latest patch notes 3.1.0.

Destiny 2 a multiplayer mode free-to-play first-person shooting game created and published by Bungie. It was one of the most playable and adventurous games with many missions, tasks in the game.

The first version of the game was released on 6th September 2017 and was available to play on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox one, stadia, PlayStation 5, Xbox series x/s.

Destiny 2 Update 3.1.0 Patch Notes

As this game was becoming more popular, Bungie, the developer of this game, introduced many new features and updates to the game. On 9th February 2021, Bungie has submitted and launched an update, 3.1.0, for Destiny 2 players.

This update will bring a new feature called the season of chosen and many more features in the game. Below you will find the 3.1.0 patch notes released by Bungie.

Destiny 2 Patch Notes - Check Out the Latest Patch Notes and All the Changes in the Game : Destiny 2

Europe | Destiny 2 Patch Notes

  • Developers added a new landing zone in the Ruins of Eventide for all players who complete the Beyond the Light campaign.

Dreaming City

  • They re-released the Dream Dawn armor set with a new max power cap and combat style mod slot.
    Wake Up, Witnessed, Story Already Told, and Insomnia weapons were re-released with a new max power cap and new perk options.
  • Weapons in the Dreaming City that have reached their maximum power limits will no longer appear once they have obtained the item once, allowing collectors to complete their collections while ensuring that subsequent appearances of the item remain effective on difficult activities.
  • Fixed a bug where Petra’s map icon could blink even when there was no quest to talk to her.
  • They fixed a bug where the dialer system did not account for one-way connections or temporary connections between areas.
  • Fixed a bug where one of the Confluence portals was missing and the other bug where some Shuro Chi dialogue lines could be played twice when picking up a patrol beacon.
  • Solved a bug where lighting would skip noticeably when moving between Rheasilvia and Herald Seclusion.

Adventure Mischief

Resolved a bug where taken acolytes were losing their Void Shields during the Mischief mission. Fixed a bug where it was possible to fight ogre bosses without activating the Dark zone.

Dark Monastery

Fixed a bug where some areas that were supposed to be private were actually public, and squads could block each other’s progress.

  • Resolved a bug where Toland could disappear in rising challenges.
  • Fixed a bug where completed patrols in Dreaming City did not count towards the “Witch’s Wisdom” triumph.
  • Resolved an issue where Ahamkara’s bones were not spawning in Agonarch Abyss and Cimerian Garrison
  • Fixed a bug where the story of the Moon triumph would not progress when completing Toland patrols.
  • Resolved a bug where the running between Heists triumph would not progress when completing the time trial in the Cimmerian Garrison Upward Challenge.


  • Resolved a bug where some rocks and grass were floating in the air.

Tangled Coast

  • Fixed an issue where some downed skiffs could fly through the environment during public events.
  • Also fixed a bug where the dialer system did not account for one-way connection or temporary connections between areas.
  • Fixed a lighting issue in Hell Cannon where cracks in the environment were highlighted by bright light emitted from behind a wall.
  • The Horseman: Resolved an issue where the tank summoning platform could disappear.
  • The Mad Bomber: Fixed the bug where a Scum Barracuda driver would ignore the player.


  • As information, they re-released the Dream Bane armor set with a new max power cap and combat style mod slot, as well as a Nightmare-specific mod slot.
  • The three Altars of Pain weapons (Apostate, Sacrilege, Heretic) and the Premonition Pulse Rifle were re-released with a new maximum power cap and new perk options.
  • Mysterious disturbance: Resolved an issue where players could accidentally bypass a trigger volume and end up in a locked state. Fixed an issue where the first fighters on this mission had their power level too high.
  • And also solved an issue where some player’s weapons could stay close to Eris.
  • Fixed a bug where ambient decorations would float near the K1 Logistics lost sector.
  • Also solved where players experience the “Harp” error code when approaching Eris on the Moon.
  • Fixed a bug where a chest puzzle during Free Moon exploration would get stuck and not reset.
  • Also fixed a bug where downed combatants came from a Hive ship.
  • The deep: Resolved an issue where a hive cutter would pop up without reproducing its spawn visual effect.
  • Symphony of death: Fixed a bug where the boss could get stuck in an immune state if the squad lost the match.


  • Developers fixed a bug where the dialer system did not account for one-way connections or temporary connections between areas. And also fixed a floating patrol beacon.


  • Fixed a bug where environmental squads could fire at the player before charging in one of the Silent Fang missions.
  • The developers also fixed a bug where the dialer system did not account for one-way connections or temporary connections between areas.
  • Fixed a bug where combatants from the final encounter could respawn during the end of a mission countdown timer at the end of one of the Silent Fang missions.
  • And also solved issues where some water reflections had graphical errors in cave areas.

Public Events

Destiny 2 Patch Notes - Check Out the Latest Patch Notes and All the Changes in the Game : Destiny 2

  • Ether replenishment: Developers fixed a bug where the fallen servant teleport attack was missing audio. And also fixed a bug where a dropped ketch could overlap the environment.
  • Lumen extraction: Fixed a bug where the lumen extractor public event occurred too infrequently in the EDZ Ravine.
  • Interrupt construction vexes: Fixed a bug where Vex fighters were not disappearing after this public event ended. And also solved issues where capture pates could remain after it was too late to achieve heroically, but capturing them did nothing.
  • Altars of pain:  Fixed a bug where Altars of Sorrow music would play for Sorrow Bay players, even if they weren’t doing the event public. And also resolved an issue where knight swords could appear too high in the air after killing the knight who dropped them. Also fixed an issue that prevented Altars of Pain bosses from rotating each day.
  • Defend the war satellite: Fixed a bug where the public event did not always count towards completing public events for certain bounties and quests. And also fixed a bug where an ogre boss in the Observatory would sometimes teleport around the war satellite.
  • Cryogenizer freeze: Fixed a bug where orbs used to trigger Heroic Completion would continually spawn after a broken ventilation grille.
  • Stop the ether ritual: Fixed a bug where all items and fighters in this public event could suddenly disappear if no player had fought them.
  • Plague possessed and solved an issue where the flag and public events would appear in different places in the area. Also resolved a bug where the public event could not always occur if players had previously clashed with the flag.


Caretaker of Nothing

  • Fixed a bug where a minotaur mini-boss would teleport to attack players too early, before the shield that was supposed to block it fell.
  • Solved a bug where the lift tube could close after the first member of a squad passed, preventing the other squad members from proceeding.
  • Fixed a bug where the Assault Boss was facing the wrong direction during some animations.
    And also solved an issue where some fighters could appear out of nowhere instead of properly appearing with animations.
  • Solved an issue where players could progress too far without putting a lever and then have to go back to find it.

The Knowledge Terminal

  • Fixed a bug where the Squad could get stuck behind a locked door after losing the match.
  • And also fixed the bug where the boss was unable to teleport, and players were unable to proceed, forcing them to abandon the raid.

Scarlet Bastion

  • Fixed a bug where a line of dialogue would sometimes not play.

Lake of Shadows

  • Fixed some bugs with marker locations.
  • It also solved issues where it was possible to bypass a trigger volume and break the mission flow, blocking the squad’s progress.

The Corrupt

  • Fixed an issue with marker locations.
  • Also solved the bug where players could find missing environment items if they backed up to the elevator.

Part of the Litter

  • Fixed a bug where some fighters would spawn without displaying proper spawn visuals. And also fixed an animation issue where a hive barrier would briefly pre-exist before disappearing.

The Inverted Spire

  • Resolved issues where platforms would disappear and players in a squad could get stuck in the tank area if their squad moved too far.

Exodus Collision

  • Fixed the bug where players should have been transported to the boss room to join their squad but would instead see a countdown timer and die.

Melting Pot

  • Crucible symbols and crucible symbol gifts are now obsolete.
  • And crucible valor rank rewards are now visible on Lord Shaxx.


Destiny 2 Patch Notes - Check Out the Latest Patch Notes and All the Changes in the Game : Destiny 2

Fallen Banner

  • Fixed a bug where the Crucible Fallen Banner map would sometimes display the wrong name.

Ashes, Worms Shelter, and Urban Center

  • Solved a bug where map music played too early during the loading screen.

Radiant Cliffs

  • Solved issues where the map name was missing on some screens.
  • The correct environmental problems.

Twilight Rift

  • Fixed a bug where players could get stuck in invisible geography.

Blue Exodus, Javelin-4, Shard, Town Center, Dead Cliff

  • The correct environmental problems.


  • Gambit’s rank of infamy rewards is now visible on the Wanderer.


Raid reward sources now include masterpiece materials as follows:

  • Upgrade Cores and Prisms now have a chance to spawn from hidden chests in Last Wish, Garden, and Descent raids. And these are on a weekly lockdown per chest and per raid (cannot be played infinitely).
  • Ascendant Shards can be obtained through a weekly StarCard Challenge reward connected to the featured raid.
  • The ascendant shards weekly star card challenge requires players to complete all featured raid encounters before awarding rewards.

Last Wish

  • Encounters and challenges should now award the normal EXP amounts intended.
  • Resolved an issue where players could experience network desync.
  • And fixed a bug where some knight fighters were spawning inside the wall.
  • Fixed a bug where too many taken captains were spawning during Riven’s encounter.
  • Solved an issue where Morgeth, Guardian of the Spire, would appear in full view of the player.
  • Resolved an issue that allowed the squad to skip a platform encounter once the squad’s first player passed.
  • Fixed a bug where players could die after completing the platform encounter and had to redo it.
  • And also solved a bug where killing the second Eye of Riven at the wrong time would break the encounter and force a restart.
  • Solved a bug where a line of dialogue from the Wanderer would play even if the corresponding wish had not been activated.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Force of Memories challenge from completing.

Garden of Salvation

  • Fixed a bug where the final music didn’t always play at the right times.

Crypt of the Profound Stone

  • The Atraks-1 health bar should exhibit less erratic behavior.
  • Free Scan Scan Augment will now be removed from players when starting the first raid encounter.

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Destiny 2 Patch Notes - Check Out the Latest Patch Notes and All the Changes in the Game : Destiny 2

The Shattered Throne

  • Shattered Throne chests will no longer spawn items that have reached their maximum power limits.
  • The Dream Dawn armor that appears in the Shattered Throne dungeon will appear with higher stats, comparable to raid armor. And also may appear with perks not available from spawns from other reward sources.
  • Fixed a bug where music could not be played during the final match.
  • Solved a bug where a door could get locked and prevent players from progressing.

Pit of Heresy

  • Pit of Heresy chests will no longer spawn items that have reached their maximum power limits; all Essence quests will still have a chance to spawn from Pit of Heresy encounters.
  • Bane of Dreams armor that appears in the Pit of Heresy dungeon will appear with higher stats, comparable to raid armor.
  • Weapons spawned in the Pit of Heresy dungeon may spawn with perks that are not available from spawns from other reward sources.
  • The final chest in Pit of Heresy will no longer spawn a Dream Bane armor piece in Masterpiece.
  • Instead, the dream bane armor piece that appears will have 7 Armor Energy and is guaranteed to appear at least +16 in two different stats and higher stats overall.
  • Bane of Dreams class items will not appear in this chest.
  • Fixed a bug where Relics could have incorrect visuals.
  • And also solved an issue where audio was missing on some items in the Hive Barrier.


  • Fixed a bug where a combatant boss might not disappear properly after completing an encounter.
  • And also resolved a bug where squad members who stayed on the Wanderer’s ship could get locked out of the dungeon when their team advanced.
  • Solved an issue where Pillars of Light could show progress on the wrong items.
  • Fixed a bug where the light pillar visuals would be offset from certain platforms.
  • Solved an issue where the Echo Kell boss teleportation animation and effects were not syncing with the actual teleportation, causing strange animations.
  • Fixed a bug where the player’s specters could spawn in an inaccessible location if they died shortly after going through a teleporter, forcing them to wait 45 seconds before respawning.
  • And resolved a bug where players who joined in the middle would spawn too close to the dungeon’s start if they joined late.
  • Fixed a bug where players could collect Motes without receiving credit for it.
  • And also solved the issue where a devoured ogre would sometimes teleport players if they strayed too far.
    Fixed a bug where two of the meeting rooms were preventing players from respawning inside them.


  • Solved machine behavior bugs in numerous activities where its fighters could be found standing, teleported, or moving to the wrong location.
  • Fixed a bug where some lost sector fighters’ power levels were too low, sometimes lower than those of the same fighters in public free scout zones.
  • Solved an issue where the wrong name was displayed above the health bar for multiple named combatants in various activities.

Interface And User Experience


  • Collection categories now allow players to mark all new items to clear the new item indicator for that category.
  • The bucket has a button with information on how to access the companion app and others created by the Destiny community.
  • Menu header bars now stretch properly to widescreen monitors.
  • Updated logo for the BNOC team (formerly known as DOC).
  • Thanks to the folks who have kept our services running for years, and cheers to the rest!
  • Fixed a bug where Legacy Triumphs would sometimes display when first accessing the Triumph screen.
  • The subclass toggle icon correctly displays the idle state when the equipment is locked.
  • Updated the display of the stasis skin fragment to display zero spaces correctly.

Eververse / Economy:

Destiny 2 Patch Notes - Check Out the Latest Patch Notes and All the Changes in the Game : Destiny 2


  • Weapon and armor skins will no longer be locked in player title status.
  • And weapon and armor skin descriptions in the shop now clearly indicate when you do not own a primary item.



  • Solved a bug where certain Arc and Solar Grenades could apply their on-hit visual effect to animated doors and floors.
  • Fixed an issue where using Chilling Strike near Stasis Crystals could send you into the Stratosphere.
  • Fixed a bug where using certain abilities near Stasis Crystals could push you through a closed door.
  • Resolved an issue where sun breakers would trigger Burning Flames with Solar Sword kills.
  • Solved a bug where Sentry Shield’s individual attacks using Heavy Attack were not consuming Super Energy.
  • Fixed a bug where players could be damaged by the fragmentation of their own Stasis Crystals if the opponent had Rift Whisper equipped.
  • Fixed a bug where worm pod crown and evening Star would activate their perks when exiting stasis.
  • Solved an issue where Twilight Field Grenades could freeze Stasis Crystals and Barricades.
  • Improved the reliability of the cold pulse skin when enemies were at different heights.
  • While using jumper or indifferent, the Ice Quake melee super is also assigned to LT / L2 for increased accessibility.
  • Reduced the height at which Glacier Grenades will launch to the player using them.
  • Twilight field grenades can now kill to prevent players from using them to trap others in stasis continually.
  • Frostflame projectiles do not grant grenade energy when breaking a frozen target.
  • We ensure that Frostfire projectiles will correctly track the number of aspirants created before going into recovery.

Stasis Freeze Escape

  • When playing with a controller, the command to get out of stasis freeze is to press B / Circle twice for all classes. And the controls for the break-action can be changed through the controls settings.

Stasis Freeze

  • Increased the damage frozen players can take before breaking from 100 health to 200.
  • Frozen by stasis, players now take 50% reduced damage from primary ammo weapons.
  • When frozen from stasis, players now take 50% bonus damage from Special Ammo weapons, Heavy Ammo weapons, and non-Stasis abilities.
  • Notice: Developers are planning a deeper Skill Tune Pass, but in the meantime, they were implementing this change to increase players’ chances of surviving frozen.
  • Frozen by stasis, machine combatants now take 5% reduced damage from primary ammo weapons.
  • When frozen by stasis, machine fighters now take an additional 5% damage from special ammo weapons, heavy ammo weapons, and non-stasis abilities.

Atrophying Blade

  • No longer deals headshot critical damage.
  • Base damage increased from 60 to 90.
  • Melee’s onslaught range was reduced by 1 yard when having Stunting Blade. Allows players to use Stunt Blade more reliably when up close.

Handheld Supernova

  • Reduced self-damage from 100% to 25%.


  • The cost of modifiers for the Crypt of Deep Stone raid has been significantly reduced.
  • With the charging modifier equipped, orbs of power will no longer be gained if they already have maximum stacks of Light Charge.
  • The Cult of Aeon Exotic Armor pieces (arms) have been redesigned for all three classes and now feature selectable, team-oriented, role-based perks.
  • The timer for the over shield buff granted by Icefall Mantle will no longer refresh when allied players shoot a Titan in PvE.
  • Damage from enemy combatants and opposing players in Gambit / Crucible will continue to update the upgrade timer.
  • Fixed a bug where the Dream Bane armor would not appear above 1050 power until players completed the shadow keep campaign.

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Destiny 2 Patch Notes - Check Out the Latest Patch Notes and All the Changes in the Game : Destiny 2

The catalysts for the following weapons have updated their sources and targets so that they are not associated with the contents of the depot:

  • Bad vibes
  • Izanagi Charge
  • The simile of the sleeper
  • Huckleberry
  • Zero universe line
  • Spear Polaris
  • Telesto
  • Legend of Acrius
  • Skyburner’s Oath
  • Fixed an issue with Sturm’s Exotic Perk: Sturm will reload any equipped special space weapon once again on kill as long as the special weapon magazine is not full already and spare ammo is available.
  • Bow kills or multiple kills no longer incorrectly progress Banshee’s Fusion Rifle Calibration bounty.
  • Solved an issue that prevented Relentless from increasing its charge rate on non-lethal hits.
  • This also fixed an issue affecting Jade Rabbit, Eriana’s Promise, and Coldheart’s rare buffs not activating when fired through a
  • Citan wall barrier; and Second Chance was activated on impacts when used with barrier bullets.
  • Solved an issue that resulted in Line in the Arena breaking his gear and playing the wrong reload animation.
  • And fixed an issue that caused Thunder Lord and possibly other weapons not to render their scope or reticle.

Weapon Archetype Changes

Rocket Launcher

  • Rocket Launcher damage increased by about 30% against enemies of mini-boss level and above.
  • They tune Rare Rocket Launchers individually, and they will be affected by this change in different amounts.

Fusion Rifles

  • Increased damage drop-off distance from Fusion Rifles, increasing amount based on a range (6% at 0 range, 16% at 100 range).
  • Reduced camera shake when firing a Fusion Rifle by 9.5%.

Breech Grenade Launcher

  • Blowback grenade launcher projectiles will now detonate on impact with enemies, even if the trigger is held.

Submachine Guns

  • Reduced camera shake when firing an SMG by 24%.

Pulse Rifle

  • Reduced camera shake when firing a Pulse Rifle by 7%.

Machine Gun

  • Reduced camera shake when firing a machine gun by 9.5%.

Sniper Rifle

  • Increased the shaking damage caused by other players when aiming a sniper rifle x1.6.


  • Damage against enemies of mini-boss level and above has been reduced by around 15%.

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  • Demolition man: Added a short cooldown for the recharge effect.

Mouse and Keyboard Backspace Scalars

  • Reduced scalar backspace on mouse and keyboard (previously, they had around 40% less backspace than controls, this change brings mouse and keyboard closer to control levels).

Affects These Weapon Archetypes

  • Automatic rifle
  • Scout rifle
  • Pulse rifle
  • Submachine guns
  • Hand cannon
  • Machine gun


  • Fixed certain exotic weapons losing their upgrade when taking out a Wraith Shell (they will continue to lose their upgrade if saved).
  1. Ace of spades
  2. Tarrabah
  3. Moonhawk (final round only)
  • Borealis and Direct Light now have a custom (short) animation to change the damage type.
  • Duality: Damage drop distance increased by 1.25m (both when shooting off aim and aiming down sights).
  • Maximum buff stacks reduced from 7 to 5, each stack now grants more than one bonus damage; duration of upgrades slightly extended.

Power And Progress

Updated Power Bands

  • Power Floor: 1100
  • Low limit: 1250
  • Powerful Limit: 1300
  • Milestone limit: 1310
  • The upper limit of the power improvements was lowered from the weekly power sources below the low limit.
  • XP rewards for the Last Wish raid increased to match Garden of Salvation and Crypt of Profound Stone.
  • Solved a bug where some merchant items’ potency preview did not match the potency of equipment received.

Players Identity

  • Various title stamps now support highlighted titles. After completing the base triumphs and claiming the seal, several highlighted triumphs will be available.
  • Completing all highlighted triumphs changes the title to its highlighted state, represented by a new color and icon in player menus and markers.
  • The title only remains highlighted for the remainder of the season, as highlighted triumphs will reset at the end of each season.
  • This functionality exists for these titles:
  1. Gambit – Dredge
  2. Crucible – Unbreakable
  3. Nightfall – Conqueror
  4. Testing – Impeccable
  • We made new titles for conqueror and flawless that support being highlighted. Base Triumphs within these Title Stamps can be completed in any season.
  • Players who have completed triumphs associated with the previous version of the Flawless or Conqueror titles will have those completions applied to the new versions of the Title Triumphs where applicable.
  • Successes for completing flawless guides in trials no longer require the person being guided to have never been perfect, and now need that they have not been excellent during the current season.
  • Fixed a bug where players could acquire more Coins to obtain Shards than Shards in the game.

Contracts and Searches

  • The unknown Exo has a new stasis skin adventure available.
  • It requires possessing Beyond the Light, completing the campaign, and acquiring all previous stasis aspects of the Unknown.
  • Completion values ​​lowered for many Stasis Fragment quest targets to be less frustrating.

Platforms And Systems


  • Changing teams during a private game are now on the Shift key.
  • Developers removed notifications and sound options that did nothing.


  • They removed the voice chat volume slider setting that did nothing.


  • Season of the worthy ever verse items are now potential bright engram appearances.
  • The spider now sells glacial stargrass and aluminum foil. Spider and Gunsmith no longer accept Phase Crystal Needle, Alkane Dust, Simulation Seed, or Seraphite.
  • All remaining phase crystal needles, alkane powders, simulation seeds, or seraphites can be exchanged with the spider for a small amount of Lumen.
  • They removed Suraya’s starting equipment.
  • The collectible version of the generalist specter shell now has a spectrum modifier and masterpiece functionality.
  • Removed Daredevil from the Xûr merchants as they are tied to a New Light quest.
  • Legend Engrams can no longer be obtained from season pass rewards when inventory and management are full.
  • Improved the Natofuric Hunt Trail to better support colorblind players.
  • Fixed a bug where players could sometimes not receive any rewards from Dream City weekly bounties and Shattered Throne encounters.
  • Fixing this required removing very rare fixed spawns of Scout Rifles and Sniper Rifles from Dreaming City.


  • For Season of the Chosen, developers made changes to some of the localized voice actors permanently or temporarily due to the pandemic’s ongoing challenges.

Permanent Changes

  • Permanently replaced Mexican Spanish voice actor for Spectrum.

Temporary Changes

  • Developers replaced Zavala’s Polish voice actor temporarily in Season of the Chosen with a similar actor.
  • They replaced the spooky Russian voice actor temporarily in the season of the chosen with a lookalike actor.
  • Also replaced Osiris’ Brazilian voice actor temporarily in the season of the chosen with a similar actor.

For more information on Destiny 2, stay tuned to our website, Game Stanza, and follow us on Google News.

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