Apex Legends 1.56 Update patch notes – All bug fixes, new characters and much more! : Apex Legends

Every players loves a game that is conscious about the issues it has and works on improving them. Apex legends is one of those. Respawn Entertainment has released the recent update patch 1.56 for its famous Free-to-play game. This update is already available for all the platforms. And it addresses many of the issues regarding freezing issues and has also improved the stability. But this patch doesn’t bring any new content for the battle royale. This update will help in improving the Apex legends’ gaming experience for the players. So here are all the patch notes you need to know regarding the update.

Apex Legends 1.56 Update patch notes

Apex Legends 1.56 Update patch notes - All bug fixes, new characters and much more! : Apex Legends
Apex Legends 1.56 Update patch notes – All bug fixes, new characters and much more! : Apex Legends

The main focus of this patch is to fix the freezing and crashing issues that the players have been encountering for quite a while now. This issue has affected players on all platforms, so fixing this was a major concern. Respawn has claimed that hopefully the crashes should stop after installing the update, but crashes can still occur after installing this update. The list of things that has been fixed is given bellow:

  1. The game now has an improved stability
  2. Freezing issue has been fixed
  3. Issues with event skins “haute drop” and “Gold Standard’ has also been fixed.
  4. Fixed errors with clicking on Steam friends list
  5. Steam text chat issues have been fixed
  6. Also fixed several club related issues

These were the issues that had the main attention in the update. But the update has also fixed some miscellaneous  issues. Like the two event skins that were having some problem should work properly now. And also some issues with the clubs have been fixed. The text chat issue and the friends list with steam that was faced by the PC players have been fixed.

This was just a minor update that was rolled out by the developers. But there are chances that many more such issues will be wiped off completely before the launch of the Apex Legends season 8.  the Ongoing season will be ending on 1st Feb 2021. It seems that the next season could begin after the next major update has gone live. This is just an assumption and nothing confirmed.

 For more updates on Apex Legends, stay tuned with Gamestanza.

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