Overwatch going to be free to play for all? – Overwatch Latest update : Overwatch

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A team-based multiplayer 1st person shooter game named Overwatch is still in chaos because of the rumors. This game was officially free to play until 4 January 2021 and many a time in the past. Blizzard Entertainment developed this game. Further, at present, there is a situation that it might again appear as free to play in the year 2021. Check out whether the free play is a rumor or absolute excellent news to the players.

Overwatch going to be free to play for all? - Overwatch Latest update : Overwatch

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2020 update of Overwatch

In the year 2020, Blizzard hit the gaming world with its free to play overwatch. However, the game was available to play free till the 4th of January 2021. This turned out to be the best blessing for holidays in the year 2020. Although, the world was hit by COVID-19  last year, even though Blizzard’s various updates lifts the gamers’ mood. Overwatch free-to-play might not sound like massive hits for Blizzard, but at least it increases the smurf accounts. The main reason may be the presence of the CallDuty-free free to play version.

Updates as per 2021 quarter report

Overwatch going to be free to play for all? - Overwatch Latest update : Overwatch

The 4th quarter report of Blizzard is out now. From this, we can relate some expected updates about Overwatch. The major updates under the Activision report of Blizzard include the following:-

  • There was a positive impact on Call of Duty, World of Warcraft, and Candy Crush.
  • The report announced that 2020 was a record year for Call Of Duty.
  • In Call of Duty, more than 100 million players sustained in Premium and free to play experiences irrespective of platforms they used.
  • Lastly, Activision Blizzard also announced that Overwatch 2 and Diablo 4 would not be releasing this year.
  • CEO Bobby Kotick stated that they don’t want to shrink the community of Overwatch with the release of Overwatch 2. Although, any specification about the free play was not mentioned.
  • In the upcoming event of Blizzconline, the players may expect the news of Overwatch as free to play.
  • The strategy of free to play Call Of Duty was a massive hit to the Blizzard.

Furthermore, overwatch’s primary reason to be available as free to play is to involve many new players in this game. This deal purely sounds profitable to Blizzard.

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Review on overwatch

Although, Overwatch has the same gameplay since it first launched. But the tactics on how the player variate in different matches is the major point of the game. The game revolves around maps and control points. Furthermore, this game consists of many characters, so many players are still attached to this game. Additionally, the game has 21 heroes and 12 maps.

As per Tech spot, editors appreciate several heroes and polished gameplay. However, the absence of modes and maps and schedule of future of characters were some drawbacks the game attracts.

All the necessary and researched content is already provided above about Free play Overwatch. For more updates, follow us on Google News and stay tuned with Game Stanza.

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