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Overwatch DPS tier list. Overwatch is a Shooting game. The genre of this game is First-person shooter. So it is described as a hero shooter. It is a multiplayer game where players into two teams of six. It was released on 24th May 2016 for Playstation 4, Windows, and Xbox One. On 15th October 2017, Nintendo Switch released this video game Worldwide. Overwatch was Directed by Jeff Kaplan, Christopher Vincent Netzen, and Aaron Keller. This game was developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment.

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Overwatch 2020 - Gamestanza

Players select one from the three class types, i.e., Damage Heroes that deal most of the damage to the attack, Tank heroes that can absorb a large amount of damage. Support heroes that provide healing for the teammates. Each Hero has unique skills, running speed, passive skill, dealing with enemies. Players can change their hero during the course of a match.

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Overwatch DPS Tier List

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Overwatch tier list is a list of playable characters. Most powerful characters are ranked at the top of the list. It listed higher levels of performance to lower levels.

S tier

Overwatch heros - Gamestanza

  •  Ashe
  •  Echo
  • McCree

These three are the most powerful, so they are positioned at the top of the list. Echo has ruled the tier since she was created.

A tier

Overwatch 2020 - Gamestanza

  •  Torbjorn
  •  Tracer
  • Widowmaker

These three also deserve to be in the S tier because their performance is mind-blowing.

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B tier

Overwatch 2020 - Gamestanza

  •  Genji
  •  Hanzo
  •  Soldier 76
  •  Pharah

B tier is more powerful and well-skilled characters.

Overwatch: C tier

Omei and symmetra - Gamestanza

  •  Doomfist
  • Mei
  •  Reaper
  •  Symmetra

These four heroes are not useful in every situation. So the player doesn’t choose them every single time. But they will play very effectively in their situation. So sometimes, players call these four heroes as Situational characters.

Overwatch: D tier

bastion and sombra - Gamestanza

  • Bastion
  •  Junkrat
  •  Sombra

These three heroes will perform well only in the coordinated squad. They will not be suitable for all fights.


Overwatch has been nominated and won in many award events. Best multiplayer game, the Best original game, Best game direction, Esport, trending, Best Audio, Best design, Still playing, Best Ongoing game, Fan-favorite shooter game, Most evolved game, Outstanding video game, and so on in the past four years.

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