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Overwatch Latest Patch notes : Our favorite game Overwatch has come up with an all-new map Called the Kanezaka. It is free for all deathmatch maps. The map has come up with an all-new challenge known as the “Kanezaka challenge”. You have a chance to get multiple items like icons, sprays, and an all-new epic skin, that is Kyogisha Hanzo. The full patch note update contains major updates to certain heroes like Sigma and Ashe. The thing about which the fans are most excited is the inclusion of an all-new map.

Overwatch Latest Patch notes

Overwatch Latest Patch notes - Brings a New Map, Kanezaka : Overwatch

  • The whole Kanezka challenge is been divided into two distinct parts you can earn rewards. By either hitting more than nine wins in quick play, arcade, or competitive play.
  • If you are able to do it on or before 25th January 2021 then you will be able to grab the spray, icon, and skin. The other way to win the rewards is watching Overwatch for multiple hours on twitch which can help you get 6 sprays and a minimum of 1 spray is assured on two hours intervals.
  • The challenge is open from the 12th of January to the 25th of January 2021. You have in total of 2 weeks to complete the challenge and earn the reward.

New Kanezaka Map

Overwatch Latest Patch notes - Brings a New Map, Kanezaka : Overwatch

  • The all-new map is set in Tokyo. Kanezaka map is quite similar to the previous existing map “Hanumara”. You can even see the very popular castles of Hanumara from the streets of Kanezaka.
  • The all-new map features a lot of storytelling and it also has easter eggs and payoff’s that you will get more to see in overwatch 2. The map was added to the game through a 1.56 Patch note update. The only thing to be to take care of here is heavy traffic, which may be threatening in taking heroes away.

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