Retrofuturist Destiny 2 – How to Get this Shotgun and it’s Perks : Destiny 2

An outstanding and ruthless shooting game, Destiny 2 had introduced series of shotguns for the players. Notably, which constantly increases the affection towards the game.  It was released as a paid game, but currently, it is available as free play an online game with multiplayer first-person shooters. It rewards loots and skills. Additionally, it also has well-built social elements. Well! Here comes one of the shotguns, i.e., Retrofuturist Destiny 2. Read this article till the end to know everything about it.

Retrofuturist Destiny 2

Retrofuturist is an energy weapon and remarked as a legendary shotgun, used by guardians to try out their skills. It is contained in Crucible Arsenal.  This gun provides high- level handling with no damage and sufficient reload time. Furthermore, it became a major shotgun for those who want to compete in PvE and excel.

Retrofuturist Destiny 2 - How to Get this Shotgun and it's Perks : Destiny 2

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Perks of Retrofuturist Destiny 2

Active perks

  • Lightweight Frame-  the player can move sprightly with this.
  • Auto-Loading Holster- it automatically reloaded after short intervals.

Weapon perks- Curated roll

  • Barrel- Full choke

Strengthen barrel, which reduces projectile spread when aims down sight with accurate damage.

  • Barrel – Polygonal Rifling

To improve recoil reduction and increases stability.

  • Barrel – Smoothbore

Significantly increases range for more projectile spread.

  • Magazine – Appended Mag 

Built for higher capacity and increases magazine size.

  • Magazine – Assault Mag

Optimized for speedy combat. Increases stability along with the rate of fire.

  • Trait – Auto-Loading Holster

This weapon is already reloaded after a short interval of time.

 A statistical view of  Retrofuturist

  1. Impact – 65
  2. Range- 46
  3. Stability- 42
  4. Handling- 69
  5. Reload speed- 60
  6. Aim assistance-50
  7. Inventory size- 20
  8. Recoil direction-55
  9. Zoom- 12
  10. Magazine- 7
  11. Rounds per minute- 80
  12. Bounce intensity- 45
  13. Bounce direction- vertical

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How to obtain Retrofuturist Destiny 2?

Retrofuturist was available only in the previous season of Destiny 2. Anyway, it is not available in the happening season of Destiny 2. Therefore, there is no direct way to obtain it. Additionally, it can be acquired again through the collection tabs. Still, on the condition that it has to be already obtained by the player previously as a drop or was acquired by the player from the moment, it was released.

Note – The default version of this is a worn version of Crucible Glory shader.

So, there you have it, guys. This is all the information you need to know about Retrofuturist Destiny 2. To get all the latest updates on Destiny 2, stay tuned with Game Stanza and follow us on Google News.

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