Inaugural Address Destiny 2 – The legendary Rifle which is hard to find! : Destiny 2

    Our favorite game Destiny 2 has a legendary rifle known as the Inaugural Address Destiny 2. You will need this rifle when you get into Forasken’s tough area. It is found during the main’s game Leviathan raid. This raid was introduced in the game a couple of years ago. The rifle may drop either by completing the activities in the raid or you can find the inaugural rifle in one of the chests.

    Inaugural Address Destiny 2

    Inaugural Address Destiny 2 - The legendary Rifle which is hard to find!  : Destiny 2

    It has a very impressive kill clip, that allows the gamer to increase the damage when he reloads. The rifle is benefited from several barrel choices and two trait twerks. The rifle has a shocking power level of 600 with an attack power of 10-600.

    Statistics of Inaugural Address

    • The range of the rifle is 29
    • The zoom of the rifle is 17
    • The inventory Size of the rifle is 49
    • The Rifle tends right in the bounce direction
    • The Bounce intensity of the rifle is 21
    • Assistance Recoil of the rifle is 79
    • Handling of the rifle is 51
    • Reload speed of the rifle is 46
    • The impact of the rifle is 29
    • The stability of the rifle is 60
    • The magazine number for the rifle is 39
    • It can fir around 390 rounds per minute
    • The inventory Size for the rifle is 49

    Inaugural Address PvP Stats

    • The optimal kill to kill for the rifle is 1.07s
    • Body Shot time to kill for the rifle is 1.87 s
    • Body Damage of the rifle is 16
    • The optimal kill of the rifle is 3 bursts
    • Body Shots to kill off the rifle 4.33 s

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