WhatsApp Might Delete your Account If You are using Unathuorized Apps

    WhatsApp is majorly a messaging application of social media available in every part of the world free of cost. In the year 2014, this application was acquired by a world known company Facebook.  It has over a 1.6billion users all over the world. This app provides a service of sharing photos, videos, live locations, documents, and many others. It is accessible not only to an individual but also to business organizations. For the last few days, WhatsApp is in a high spot due to its privacy policy and service terms. Recently, it has come up with the announcement of a temporary ban on account. MAKE SURE to read the complete article in case you received or expected to be receiving a “temporarily banned“notification from WhatsApp.

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    WhatsApp Might Delete your Account If You are using Unathuorized Apps.

    WhatsApp Might Delete your Account If You are using Unathuorized Apps

    WhatsApp has strictly mentioned few statements in its new terms of service and privacy policy. The term, acceptable use of services, has clearly raised the alarming use of unauthorized applications, which basically violates the spirit and terms of services.  This, otherwise, meant that WhatsApp might delete or temporarily disable your account if you are using any unauthorized apps.

    Unauthorized apps as per WhatsApp

    Unauthorized or unsupported applications are those applications that are capable of shifting your entire chats of WhatsApp between phones and are altered versions of the main app. Third parties develop these apps, and the terms of service are violating WhatsApp’s spirits (an official app). WhatsApp Plus, GB WhatsApp, and likewise apps are not supported by WhatsApp.

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    WhatsApp Plus and GB WhatsApp

    WhatsApp plus is an application that was developed by creator Rafalete in 2012. It has the same features as WhatsApp. Also, it has many other advanced features compared to official WhatsApp, such as file modification, cleaner, history, logs, etc. Unfortunately, this app’s legality was in question, and the app was removed from the play store. The WhatsApp team has claimed that this app is unsafe and illegal to use.

    WhatsApp Might Delete your Account If You are using Unathuorized Apps

    With GB WhatsApp, users can hide blue ticks, change themes, and most importantly, use WhatsApp account, which caused the problem of violation of terms of service of the original WhatsApp.

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    Steps to shift to official WhatsApp application

    To the WhatsApp plus and GB WhatsApp users, here is what you can do to switch your accounts to official WhatsApp.

    For WhatsApp plus:- Download the official WhatsApp application and verify your contact number. The Rest of the process is the same as in installing the original WhatsApp. The chat history is already saved, and on verification, all the chat history will be restored.

    For GB WhatsApp:-  The temporary ban may last for 8 or 24 hours. As the timer decreases and the temporary ban comes to an end, only one can proceed further. Here, it is to be noted that nothing can be done unless a temporary ban is removed. Proceeding further,

    • Go to the GB WhatsApp application.
    • Tap on more options>chats>back up chats.
    • Tap on phone settings> storage>files
    • Find GB WhatsApp folder and rename it.
    • Download the official WhatsApp application from the play store
    • Verify contact number
    • Tap restore>next
    • WhatsApp will restore the chats.

    WhatsApp doesn’t guarantee this transfer as the successful transfer of chat history.

    So, there you have it, guys. This is all the information that you need to know about WhatsApp’s Latest Update. To get all the latest updates on WhatsApp, stay tuned with Game Stanza and follow us on Google News.

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