Is Signal App Safe? – Why is it Better than WhatsApp?

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People today are really concerned about their privacy. And are always finding an option where they can message with ease after the people came to know that the Facebook-owned Whatsapp is sharing data with its parent company, which it has been doing for quite some time. Is Signal App Safe? And is it better than WhatsApp or not? Read this article till the end to know everything about the Signal App.

People have been looking for a secure alternative. This search was eased with the help of a tweet made by Elon Musk. Where he simply stated, “Use Signal.”

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Is Signal App Safe?

With its End -to -end encryption method and independent structure, it has been known for its privacy. The app is run by a non-profit organization – Not a big tech company. This app has been the choice of many activist hackers and all the people concerned about their privacy. The signal is a free, privacy-focused messaging and voice talk app. It can be used on Apple as well as Android smartphones and also on desktops. Messages can be done either one-to-one or in a group chat. Emojis and stickers are also available in the app.

Is Signal App Safe? - Why is it Better than WhatsApp?

But this app offers a high level of privacy. Due to its end-to-end encrypted system, not even the company can see the messages sent across. Even stickers and emojis have their own encryption. Companies like Whatsapp and Skype use the encryption created by the signal. Also, it has a system with which the encrypted messages are deleted after a while. So it can be plainly put that Signal has a gold standard of privacy.

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Why is signal better than Whatsapp?

Both the apps Signal and Whatsapp have the same privacy encryption. But, since Whatsapp is owned by Facebook now, much of the info with WhatsApp is being shared with Facebook. Most of it in the form of statistics, metadata, and more. Although signal does not offer many fancy features like Whatsapp in terms of privacy, it is unbeatable.

Based on these facts, it is easy to say that signal offers a high end of privacy than WhatsApp. But which is better can only be started after they have used it.

So that was all about signal and WhatsApp. For more such updates, stay tuned with Game Stanza and follow us on Google News.

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