Garena Free fire bans more than 30 million cheaters in 2020 – What are their plans for hackers in 2021? : Free Fire

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Garena’s Free Fire banned more than 30million cheating gamers in 2020 while playing in the league tournament. What is Garena planning for the hackers to stop cheating and hacking? and everything you know about this game. 

Garena Free fire bans more than 30 million cheaters!

  • After the ban of PUBG in India in 2020 free fire was trending and was played like PUBG by everyone around India and which got huge success.
  • Free Fire’s Esports ecosystem also expanded a lot, with many organized competitions promising large prize pools.
  • Any difficulties arehoweverlikely to follow huge progressThe rampant use of cheats by certain players to achieve an unfair advantage was one such concern in Free Fire.
  • Free Fire developers took several measures to address this problem, including setting up an anti-cheating mechanism and reinforcing it from time to time.
  • The Garena published a weekly update regarding the banned accounts in 2020. Free Fire urged its gamers to report the cheating found in the game while playing.

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What actually happened and plans to restrict cheaters:

Garena Free fire bans more than 30 million cheaters in 2020 - What are their plans for hackers in 2021?

  • Free Fire recently released its Annual Anti-Hack survey, which contained the findings of its anti-hacking framework.
  • Free Fire banned over 3o million accounts in 2020, who were found cheating and chacking while playing in the game.
  • Among these 30 million accounts, 69% of accounts were blocked by the anti-hacking system, and the remaining 31% were banned due to the players reporting.
  • In addition, for teaming up with the cheaters, over 4,50,000 players were disqualified.
  • A list of hacks and their proportion of use according to the study is below: :
  • Through the wall: 23%
  • Auto-aim: 36%
  • Antenna: 11%
  • Teleport: 17%
  • Other hacks: 13%

For more updates on Garena Free Fire, stay tuned with Gamestanza.

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