Where to find Carrots in Genshin Impact ? – A detailed Guide : Genshin Impact

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Get to know the whereabouts of carrots in Genshin Impact through this article. It will be a guide for you that will detail you on where to find carrots in Genshin impact ?

Carrots in Genshin Impact

Where to find Carrots in Genshin Impact ? - A detailed Guide : Genshin Impact


Carrot is not just a real-life but also an in-game cooking ingredient. It is a vegetable type of food resource that quite healthy and nutritious to consume. Its crunchy texture, yet the sweet taste is the highlighting characteristic. Carrots are the key ingredients in almost all the food items available in the game. So, here’s a list of dishes where carrots are needed in craft usage.

  • All-Delicacy parcels – 2 carrots
  • Crystal Shrimps – 2 carrots
  • Goulash – 2 carrots
  • Prosperous peace – 2 carrots
  • Sticky Honey Roast – 2 carrots
  • Universal Peace – 2 carrots
  • A Buoyant Breeze – 4 carrots
  • Barbatos Ratatouille – 4 carrots

Where to find Carrots in Genshin Impact ?

Springvale and Dawn Winery are two locations where you will find carrots. Also, if you drop down to the bottom levels after spawning at the Wolvendom teleporter and heading north from there, you will see a tree. Besides it, will be lots of carrots, which on picking will spawn a chest.

Though it’s easy to grow and harvest, sometimes the players would need them in higher quantity as a part of a food order or a mission. Thus, you must know a few other sources than farm for obtaining carrots. They are:

  • Crates and Barrels: Finding carrots involves a lot of scavenging. So, if you find a destructible crate or barrel throughout the map, you will surely get carrots. Crates that have to be inspected in villages or camps will also provide you with carrots.
  • The Wild: There are few specific spots in the wild area of the map where you can observe the growth of carrots in circles. Sometimes, after picking them up you will see a chest unlock or spawn right up in the middle of that place.
  • Wanmin Restaurant: Last but not least. Chef Mao always has a bunch of 10 carrots in stock. According to the server time, at exactly 4 am, the stock refreshes every once in two days.

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