Special Treasure in Genshin Impact – Lost Riches Event, How to find the Special treasure? : Genshin Impact

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Special Treasure in Genshin Impact : The very popular Genshin Impact’s, Lost Riches event has entered its fourth day. A couple of new locations and a very interesting treasure can be found in Yaoguang Shoal. Don’t forget you also have a chance to grab a co-op challenge at this event. Fans wait for such events and updates very eagerly.

Special Treasure in Genshin Impact

Special Treasure in Genshin Impact - Lost Riches Event, How to find the Special treasure? : Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is a very popular game that is available on Mobile, PS5, PS4, and PC. The game has soon announced an event known as Lost Riches Event. Players can get heavy rewards while participating in the event. Players are given a treasure book and a treasure-seeking Seelie so that they can access the treasure hunt quest more easily. You can also collect many iron coins, which can be used for trading Seelie items.

  • The event is open till 18th January 2021. On day 4 of the event, you can find a treasure. The treasure contains 6x mystic enhancement Oreos, 30,000x mora, 60x Primogems, and 3x hero’s wit to grab.
  • To get the clue of treasure the only advice is to check the panel. The treasure is located close to the Yaoguang shoal. What you have to do is take the help of treasure-seeking Seelie so that beam of light appears and transforms into a Challenging Marker.
  • In this particular location, gamers will have to have a fight with 3 people and defeat them. The people are stone hide law churl and a couple of Mitachurls.
  • The timer is just to fool you because as soon as you defeat one of them a bonus time will be added to your timer. You should have good hitting skills so that you can kill all in one go.

So, that is about the special treasure Impact make sure you follow these steps to get the special treasure impact.

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