Stone Gate Genshin impact – Accurate location of Stone Gate : Genshin Impact

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Check out this article featuring the details about stone gate Genshin impact. Read the full article for accurate location of Stone gate in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is a popular game played worldwide that is developed and published by miHoYo. It is an action role-playing game whose release dates are quite recent and different for different platforms. Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4 have this game since 28th September 2020 while Playstation 5 has it from 11th November of the same year. The date for Nintendo Switch is still under decision making.

The gameplay is all about winning combats using the character’s abilities and powers. The option to switch character during a battle adds to the game’s smart strategy and makes it even more thrilling. In this open-world game, players can unlock new quests and challenges which in turn provides reward and increase in your Adventure rank.

Stone Gate Genshin impact

Stone Gate Genshin impact - Accurate location of Stone Gate : Genshin Impact

There is a main road between Mondstadt and Liyue in the Bishui Plain area, where the exact location of the stone gate falls. This spot acts as a converging point of the paths that lead to Wuwang Hill and Qingce village, Dihua Marsh and Liyue Harbor and lastly, Dawn Winery. The Shrine of Depths is a notable feature in this location where you can find Dandelion seed and Jueyun Chili. Aunt Qiao, Huachu, Pops Zhou, Qinglian, etc are few of the non-player characters, you will find there. This mountain region also comprises of two teleport waypoints.

Stone Gate- Genshin Impact: Treasure Chamber

Among the various quests and challenges, there is this latest quest where the player can find 3 chest boxes in the stone gate. Getting this treasure from such a location isn’t as easy as you might see or think.

Stone Gate Genshin impact - Accurate location of Stone Gate : Genshin Impact

To reach the chest boxes, the player must go towards the north of Sal Terrae text marker and reach the east of Stone gate text marker. The best possible way is taking the southwest leading turn from Dawn Winery.

In a specific spot, there will be a weak and damaged wooden bridge right above a cavern, which will be revealed only if you look down. On gliding down to the cavern there will be a total of 3 chest- 2 Exquisite and one Precious. Defeating players from inside and collecting materials is also possible if you reach here. There are many other chests available in this place, that will unlock only on defeating other players or opponents.

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