Where are the books in Fortnite ? – Holly book location : Fortnite

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Hello Players! Here is an update regarding the Fortnite game. Where are the books in Fortnite? – Holly book location. If you guys want to know a clear picture of this information. Have a look at this article guys!


Fortnite developed and published by Epic Games. The genre of Fortnite is Third-Person Shooter, Tower Defence, Survival. The mode of Fortnite is both Single Player and Multi-Player. Fortnite was released on 25th June 2017 for macOS, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, Playstation 4. Fortnite was officially called  Save the World.

Where are the books in Fortnite ?

This week’s 7th challenge is very easy to collect these books. Here is a guide to collect the book. Let’s discuss the location of Holly’s book.

Where are the books in fortnite ? - Holly book location : Fortnite

  • The first book to collect can be located in the northwest monopolization of Holly Hedges, succeeding to the area with the big tree. You’re viewing a yellow house to the right of the tree. Go inside, and you’ll see a far-fetched bookcase as soon as you enter. There should be a book on the ground next to it.
  • For the other book follow this location, you’re looking for a big brown house off to the east right near a crosswalk. Go inside, take a right, furthermore head into the back room. You’ll find a book on the ground next to these windows.
  • The third location is at a big greenhouse that’s the description of off in its personal area to the southeast. It’s clearly identified by the big deck on the back. Go inside, take a left and you’ll reach a room by a fireplace. There’s a book on the ground next to the fireplace.

Where are the books in fortnite ? - Holly book location : Fortnite

Here is the guide to collect Holly hedges books. Hope you all follow this instruction.

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