Fortnite’s New Year 2021 Event – Big Update is coming in 2021? : Fortnite

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Hello Fortnite Players! Fortnite team has planned to conduct the New year 2021 event. Here are some leaks about Fortnite’s new year 2021 Event. Have a look at this article Fortnite players!


Fortnite developed and published by Epic Games. The genre of Fortnite is Third-Person Shooter, Tower Defence, Survival. The mode of Fortnite is both Single Player and Multi-Player. Fortnite released on 25th June 2017 for macOS, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, Playstation 4. Fortnite was officially called  Save the World. In this game, there is three Gameplay Mode such as Fortnite Battle Royale, Fortnite Creative, and Player versus Environment. Fortnite Creative is acknowledging for Free-to-start.

Fortnite’s New Year 2021 Event

Fortnite, usually conduct New Year Event. In the 2021 year Event, there is some leak about the Fortnite event. There is a still image of fireworks lighting up in the game Sky Shaped like 2021. There is some masterpiece like Disco ball, Spotlight, and a large number of regular fireworks. So players can easily find out that this event is duplicate as 2020. Players try to notice these instructions and enter into the original Fortnite New year event 2021.

Fortnite's New Year 2021 Event - Big Update is coming in 2021? : Fortnite

There is another leak that is a new Gnome gun that shoots gnomes out of its barrel – along with flammable trolls. The Fortnite team is already trying their best to come up with a new upgrade and fulfill the Player’s goals. They always conduct their special event very attractive and perfect to cover a player’s attention. This event may be conducted from 3rd January to 10th January 2021. We Hope Players will Enjoy it as much as possible.

There an announcement a few days before, they even commenced a new subscription co-operation that provides even more special skins to players if they require to sign up for it. Events have also had a strong pull on fans, who usually like to join in weekly tasks that provide them with new weapons, rewards, and other prizes. Fortnite Players Play and enjoy the New Year’s Event for the first week.

Happy New Year! Have Fun in New Year Event Fortnite Player!

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