Fortnite’s Big Update Upcoming In 2021 ? – All The Rumors And Updates You Need To Know! – Fortnite

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Let’s finally move on from Lady Gaga’s famous enquiry about what’s Fortnite, and go to the big news that has leaked this year. About Fortnite’s Big update coming in 2021. The news has excited gamers of all ages worldwide, gearing up for what we have heard is going to bringing in a lot of changes, thrill and fun!

Fortnite's Big Update Upcoming In 2021 ? - All The Rumors And Updates You Need To Know! - Fortnite


What’s Coming With Fortnite in 2021

Since Epic Games cancelled both 2020-21 in-person Fortnite World Cups after first launching the event in 2019, Fortnite games could certainly use some good news. There was brief live-stream recently where Fortnite developers, Epic Games, got around to discuss the future of the game. Creative gamers and programmers could now have some creative control in the game. In a sense, the Fornite Community will be allowed to give their share in the creativity in the Fortnite map, and on the Unreal Engine.

Fortnite's Big Update Upcoming In 2021 ? - All The Rumors And Updates You Need To Know! - Fortnite

The Marvel Season was a great success for the Fortnite games, as it was going through a slump earlier. The arrival of The Unreal engine had also upgraded the visual of the game and a lot more. Now there’s talk about Fortnite Creative changing the game forever.

YouTubers and Rumours About Fortnite

SypherPK, a gamer YouTuber has recently created a video explaining how Fortnite will change in 2021. Amazing news for creative players in the Fortnite community if the rumours turns out to be true. This will certainly increase players attention to the game, and it’s functioning itself. SypherPk predicts that the new features will be arriving in Fortnite Creative in 2021. So hold your breath, this going to be a fun ride! Here’s SypherPK’s video on the Fortnite’s announcement:-

Access will be granted to players using the Unreal Engine, and players will be motivated to give their best. But the custom made features such as maps will not be available for public events. 

However, another YouTuber named ‘Randumb’ believes that the new update will make the game “chunkier” with Unreal Engine. Randumb also presumes that Fortnite Creative will be used so widely that private servers may be introduced by Epic Games.  Here’s Randumb discussing the Fortnite new update;

Other Events In Fortnite To Come

The Fortnite games popularity is expected to skyrocket in 2021 with the updates. With Operation Showdown going on till 5th Jan’21, the next year holds a lot of promises about in-game tournaments. The Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) will proceed on in 2021. Chapter 2-Season 5 FNCS is projected to start from February 4. 

“This date allows plenty of time for players to adjust to the new season and give our team more time to make adjustments before FNCS play,” was the Fortnite team’s statement on enquiries about future events.

Fortnite's Big Update Upcoming In 2021 ? - All The Rumors And Updates You Need To Know! - Fortnite

There are a lot of leaks on Fortnite coming on from Twitter and Reddit. It’s becoming hard to comprehend for Fortnite fans on what’s legit and what’s not. We suggest you wait, as Epic Games have rarely been disappointing the Fortnite audience and see for yourself in a few days whether the rumours about the updates are true or not; And how much do the updates entertain you as a player in 2021.

Until then, Stay tuned to Game Stanza for updates on Fortnite, updates and the gaming world.

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