Fortnite Walking Dead – New Skins Available, Check them out : Fortnite

Two big franchises are about to cross over: Epic Games, Fortnite’s perennial favorite, and AMC’s #1 TV thriller, The Fortnite Walking Dead. Robert Kirkman’s adaptation has graced the landscape of computer games, but it’s the first time that TWD can be introduced to the Royal Multiplayer War (if you have the V-Bucks).

Fortnite Walking Dead - New Skins Available, Check them out : Fortnite

Chapter 2 Season 5 of Fortnite begins to feature new, unexpected characters from all around the world. Today, the players discover a new gateway on Fortnite Island that seems to be linked to The Living Dead.

Daryl and Michonne of The Walking Dead are now in Fortnite.

The famous Royal Combat title of Epic Games had kept several of its guest characters under wraps this season before it was released. However, the Walking Dead characters-Daryl Dixon and Michonne-were announced long in advance as a Fortnite Crossover at the 2020 Game Awards.


Players have started to post their experiences with the portal when discovering it on the island and to know its roots. The FortTory user on Twitter has shared a brief clip recording the encounter. Looking at the footage, players would remember the gateway that opens to the same backdrop used in the Walking Dead skin teaser trailer. The gateway appears to face the player all the time, regardless of direction. It closes the closer he approached Fortnite’s official Twitter and released a trailer at around the same time as players have noticed the portal.

The 30-second audio clip features Agent Jonesy’s “Reality Log” that we saw the launch of his induction mission in the Zero Point story teaser. He’s talking about how his new acquisitions didn’t take much convincing to abandon their “depressing” world. A relation is also made to crossbows and knives, all but suggesting the inclusion of Daryl and Michonne. Some players have debated whether there will be more skins from The Walking Dead World besides the two announced or whether some of the AMC show’s real Walkers will attack the island. The idea of zombies is nothing new to Fortnite, although theoretically, they are “Husks.”

Fortnite Walking Dead - New Skins Available, Check them out : Fortnite

The inclusion of either Walkers or Husks, also as a time-limited mode, might be another successful shake-up for Fortnite. This could provide an opportunity for Epic Games to incorporate their less-popular Save the World mode into their Royal Player Base combat. However, it is also possible that the convergence would only apply to skins. Although Fortnite introduces more and more characters from unlikely franchises, one hypothesis suggests that Epic is probably keeping a major secret in plain sight.

In terms of limited-time modes, the current game update provides players with a new “The Spy Within.” This LTM has players to decide the identity of a traitorous spy within their party. If gamers find it sounds really close to Among Us, well, it’s just like Among Us. It appears like Fortnite is taking games away from other realities as well.

Fortnite is free-to-play for PCs, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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