Who is Midas in Fortnite And Where Do You Find Him? : Fortnite

This article will explain everything that you need to know about who is Midas in Fortnite and where do you find him. Here is full detail.

Who is Midas in Fortnite

Midas has seen a lot of ups and downs in the series, and last season, after being swallowed by a shark, like many suspects, he disappeared completely from the game. Yet Midas’ shadow form appears to have revived him, and the location of the candle at The Ruins suggests the same.

This could only be a way to get back the character for the festive occasion, or he could theoretically make his comeback to complete his conquest of breaking the cycle in the next season of Fortnite.

‘Fortnite’ Location for Shadow Midas

Who is Midas in Fortnite And Where Do You Find Him? : Fortnite

We’ll announce where Shadow Midas is situated in this guide and provide some simple tips on what to do when you find him.

Range of Shadow Midas

The latest Fortnitemares Challenges from Fortnite ask players to eliminate Shadow Midas. He’s in the Ruins or near them. ‘Fortnite’ is also running on Android, PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC.

Unlike Wolverine, who has a very large spawning range, it’s really very easy to spot Shadow Midas. He still spawns at the location of the Ruins, which is the latest term for the compound of the Authority located at the center of the map.

Shadow Midas can be found at the ‘The Ruins’ POI, which replaced The Authority, as previously stated, and is located at the center of the map. To come across the ghostly boss, players can drop on to this place and search the houses.

Who is Midas in Fortnite And Where Do You Find Him? : Fortnite

If gamers wish to complete this mission, the Almighty Midas and his henchmen at this location will have a rough time facing them. In addition, several players land at this place to get their hands on the legendary gun of Midas.

The latter will return as ghosts and threaten to pull him/her down, even though a player kills a few others. The only way to kill Midas, then, is to land at the site and search for him desperately.

He normally turns up in high-traffic areas anywhere near or inside the complex, making him easy to identify. Just inside the main entrance, we found Shadow Midas, but others placed him in stairwells or near doorways in the outer areas. There isn’t an exact science for his spawns, but after a game or two, you just shouldn’t have trouble finding him. As seen in the screenshot below, due to his shiny, sparkling pupils, Shadow Midas appears distinctly different from his Henchmen. He still doesn’t have a white Henchmen brand coat, either. You’ll know it’s him when you find Shadow Midas.

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