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Shadow Fight 2 has been a popular and addictive game that got multiple levels of challenges with strong opponents. One of them is Lynx, who is quite difficult to beat without knowing some crucial strategies. Check out How Beat Lynx in Shadow Fight 2 for some tips and tricks that would assure you victory.

The Gameplay

How to Beat Lynx in Shadow Fight 2 - Gamestanza

Shadow Fight 2 is a physics-based animation game where the silhouetted player has to fight several opponents using the character’s skill set, weapons, and other abilities spun from magic. It was developed and published by Nekki as a second installment in the Shadow Fight series. According to the game plot, the shadow is a fierce warrior who has to get past 6 demons and restore his body. There exists an assassin organization in the game called ‘The Order,’ and its leader is Lynx. He is one of the former 6 demons and takes a lot of time to be defeated.

Tactics: How to Beat Lynx in Shadow Fight 2

There is a significant difference between knowing how to play a game and playing a game. Most of the fight or shooting kind of games can be won by some simple pro tips and tactics.

A fact about Lynx is that he becomes vulnerable at long or moderate range attacks because he won’t be able to hook with you at that range, and also, continuous low strikes reduce his life point to the maximum level. So, you can always make a smart strategy on your own to defeat him, but that won’t be sufficient.

How to Beat Lynx in Shadow Fight 2

  • Rule number 1- upgrades. Never miss out on the up-gradation of character skills, weapons, and armor because it is a crucial fact that lets you hold onto the game for long fights.
  • Number 2- technique. Strong defense hold or quick and random sharp attacks are the two possible ways to knock down Lynx. Since the weapons used by the opponent is comparatively mild at the initial stages, rely on the latter way. As the rounds get tough, combine both the technique and head for victory.

You can always go for the simple 3-step guide – Defend, hold, Attack. Defend or dodge the attacks of lynx and his weapons to keep your life point figures high. Then comes a stage where Lynx turns invisible, for which you can hold on to super splash and find out where he is. After that, give him some of your quick, aggressive counter-attacks, which will automatically lead to his defeat.

The Final Word

Ultimately, you are the hero of the game, and so, you defeating these evil demons are for sure. It comprises smart gameplay so, combining it with the above-mentions smart techniques and tricks will ensure your victory over Lynx. Have a sweet playtime!


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