Battlegrounds Mobile India Gets Tesla Cars in the Latest Update – Checkout the Newly Released Guns and Cars : BGMI

    In the new update for Battlegrounds Mobile India, you can now get Tesla cars. This is a huge change in the game and has been a long time coming! In this article, we will discuss why these updates are so important to the gameplay of Battlegrounds Mobile India and how they have changed it for the better.

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    Battlegrounds Mobile India Gets Tesla Car in the Latest 1.5 Update

    The Tesla cars are a very strategic addition to the game. They offer players an advantage over their opponents by giving them more speed and armor. These upgrades make for some intense gameplay, with both sides racing to be the first one on top of these tanks!

    Battlegrounds Mobile India Gets Tesla Cars in the Latest Update - Checkout the Newly Released Guns and Cars : BGMI

    Outside of just being another weapon in your arsenal, they can also act as barriers against other weapons like grenades or rockets. They will detonate and damage anyone standing nearby while greatly reducing any incoming fire from those same enemies. This is excellent when you’re fighting off multiple people at once because you never have only one chance – it’s always two under attack at all times! If that wasn’t enough, Tesla bombs do not care about how much health someone has left, so if you decide to send one of them off and they land on an enemy with full health, you’re going to be dealing a huge amount of damage.

    The Tesla cars are just another addition to the game that is sure to shake things up for players everywhere! It’s been long sought after by many who have played before, but now it has finally made its way in – all thanks to this new update. Anyone can go out and test these tanks themselves if they want, so there is no need to feel left out from playing around with what everyone else already knows about!

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    New Guns Available in the Latest BGMI Update

    The recent update also includes new guns like MG3 and FNX-45, and a new weapon attachment for the KAR98K called the Souvenir II Scope.

    This update is great and really opens up strategy in Battlegrounds Mobile India regarding what weapons you are using – but be careful because they can also act against you if your opponents have them too! With all of these changes out there now that this latest patch has hit, we’re sure everyone will see some major changes on how their game plays out from here on out.

    Battlegrounds Mobile India Gets Tesla Cars in the Latest Update - Checkout the Newly Released Guns and Cars : BGMI

    The recent update to Battlegrounds Mobile India includes several upgrades, such as the addition of Tesla Cars which have changed the game completely by adding more speed and armor. Including these vehicles makes it much easier when fighting off multiple enemies because they work against them too!

    This new update also brings a new mode to the Missing Ignition Mode game, which is available in Erangel Map. This mode adds an extra layer of excitement into playing because it requires players to spread some gas across the map before lighting up any matches or flares.

    The New 1.5 Update of BGMI is currently available for android users, but it will soon be available for iOS users. So, till then, stay tuned with Game Stanza to get all the latest updates and news related to Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI). Also, follow us on Google News to get notified about all our latest updates on Games and Technology.

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