Top 5 Android Games to Download

Top 5 Android Games to Download

Have you ever wondered what the Top 5 Android Games are? If so, then wonder no longer! Here’s a list of five games that we think should be installed on your phone:

5. Dub Dash

Top 5 Android Games to Download


This music-driven, rhythm game requires players to jump and spin — or ‘dub — through obstacles. The makers behind this game claim it’s harder than Flappy Bird, and we believe them! Oh — and did we mention that the theme changes every four songs? This one is free as well as addicting, but there are ads. Luckily they can be removed for a small fee… But with fun like this who would want to stop playing?

4. Super Hexagon

Top 5 Android Games to Download

This game can really take a toll on your heart rate! You will probably notice that the colors and patterns look very familiar. That’s because this is a minimalistic version of the popular Electronic Frontier Foundation surveillance-warning animation, “Creeper”. In Super Hexagon, you have to navigate a little triangle around spinning walls as they come towards you. At first, it’s easy but as time passes by, your reflexes are put to the test as things speed up and become more difficult. Even though this is not an extremely high-quality app compared to others, we still believe everyone should give it a try!

3. Badland

Top 5 Android Games to Download

We’ve got another minimalistic game for those who love: Badland! This game looks great on an HD screen, with excellent graphics and hues. The app also includes Android-specific controls so players can tilt their phones to control the game’s main character — a small black creature called Colony.

4. Groove Coaster

Top 5 Android Games to Download

Groove Coaster is actually not new to the Top 5 Android Games list — but after making this Top 5 Android Games list it deserved another mention! This music-based arcade game syncs your movements to the rhythm of songs that you choose – just move left or right, up or down to dodge obstacles as they come towards you. Groove Coaster offers over 40 original tracks from popular artists such as YACHT, PIGEONHOLE(in no particular order) and The Blank. It’s a little on the pricy side at $3, but it’s totally worth it!

3. Chimpact

Top 5 Android Games to Download

Chimpact is a very simple game with good visuals and sounds. The premise of this game is to catch chalupas and dodge obstacles in order to get as far as you can. You play from an overhead perspective, controlling your player’s movements by dragging them left or right. This Top 5 Android game was developed for kids — but even adults will enjoy the goals and relaxed gameplay. Chimpact also features 22 unique characters which can be unlocked by collecting coins during each run. Basically, everything about this app screams cuteness!

2. Doodle Jump

Top 5 Android Games to Download

Doodle Jump is a fun platforming game that has been downloaded millions of times. Its simple premise is easy to grasp: make the doodle jump to the top by dodging enemies and obstacles. The game becomes difficult pretty fast, but never impossible. Doodle Jump includes four different modes including adventure mode which gives players an incentive to keep playing! These Top 5 Android Games will bring you hours of fun for under $1 — what more could you ask for?

1. The Impossible Game

Top 5 Android Games to Download

Last but not least, we have “The Impossible Game”. The Impossible Game might be difficult (hence the name), but it’s not impossible! In this Top 5 Android Games, you’ll have to jump across platforms that disappear just a split second after appearing. There are over 100 levels across three difficulty settings, making these Top 5 Android Games great for all ages. This Top 5 Android game is perfect for gamers looking for a challenge — but don’t worry, dying isn’t frustrating because you start right back at the beginning of each level!

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