Fortnite Week 5 Challenge – Dig, Collect and Burry Gnomes : Fortnite

    Fortnite Week 5 Challenge marked an all-new range of quests in the Fortnite Game. You can get a good amount of XP as soon as you complete the weekly challenge. If you are a casual gamer, then completing then this weekly challenge can benefit you a lot. You can pass the battle pass level very easily because of XP you can get from completing these challenges.

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    Fortnite Week 5 Challenge

    Fortnite Week 5 Challenge - Dig, Collect and Burry Gnomes : Fortnite

    The week 5 challenge has come in half of season 5 in Fortnite’s second chapter. The week 5 challenge is solely dependent on genomes. Your main task is to dig up Gnomes, bury genomes, and collect gnomes. Week 4 tasks were all about tomatoes. The Epic Quests of 20,000 XP has two tiers, which are:-

    Tier 1:

    • You have to dig up the blue XP Coin in Retail Row.
    • You have to get Damage while crouching.

    Tier 2:

    • You have to Dig Up Gnomes in places like Fort Crumpet and Pleasant Park.
    • Find Ammo Crates and chests in the game.
    • You have to collect Gnomes in places like Holly Hedges and Fort Crumpet.
    • Burry collected gnomes in Fort Crumpet or retail Row.

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    The Legendary Quest of 50,000 XP Has:-

    • You to eliminate all the IO guards in the game.

    Fort Trumpet is very hot right now, so you should be very careful while digging, collecting, and burying genomes here, as it is a site where some extra elimination takes place due to the excessive heat. The trick for Elimination of the IO guards is, play with friends. IO guards are the toughest opponents in Fortnite so far, as they have better shields than any other henchmen in the game.  They give huge damage, so it is better to pay in a team. The one left out challenge is the sand-based challenge, but it is not working right now because sand- tunneling is temporarily nixed.

    So, there you have it, guys. This was all the information that you need to know about Fortnite Week 5 Challenge. To get more such updates on Fortnite, follow us on Game Stanza and Google News.

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