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Genshin Impact is a free Online action game developed by MiHoYo.  According To Information Genshin Impact 1.1 Version is coming with an update of 1.2 version and it was called “Chalk Prince and the Dragon”. Genshin Were Planning To Release This Update On December 23rd,2020. The Specialty of this update was adding a new region Genshin Impact Dragonspine and  new characters Ganyu and Albedo which will provide more adventure and entertainment tasks to gamers. The update were planning to release on iOS, Android, PC, PS4, and PS5 on December 23 at no additional cost.

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Genshin Impact Dragonspine

Dragonspine can be clearly seen from Mingyun village in game and is located right below the Dawn Winery. It is  a region covered with snow and mountains.


  • In Dragonspine after player enters inside, they will effect with a Sheer Cold bar. If the player affected maximum time with sheer cold bar without any heat source player losses his HP After particular limit. if a player enters water or starts swimming in the pool due to sheer cold HP will Be loosen faster. HP is important for player to survive. When the sheer cold bar is filled, you are affected by damage. The Perfect method to combat Sheer Cold was to utilize Waypoints, lit torches, cooking pots, and the Seelie, Fireplace, Heat Totems Helps Players to get heat and avoid cold.
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Genshin Impact: Scartlet Quarz

  • Scartlet quartz Was mysterious crystal that were available in Dragonspine. Some kind of heat source will be contained in these mysterious crystals will cover character’s from shattering.
  • The Collection of scarlet quartz crystal helps us to be warm and protect us against from sheer cold and provides immunity against sheer cold for limited set of time.

Genshin Impact: New Feature Frozen tree

  • In dragonspine, players will trip upon crystalline crimson agate. Which were offered to bearing tree for rewards. Fort Bearing tree is an ancient tree that tends to snowy mountains. By offering crystalline crimson agate to fort bearing tree will grant various rewards to players where they acquire fate, intertwined fate, a wind glider as well as gadget blueprints.
  • Amount of Crimson agate that can be found in Dragonspine is limited, players should have to complete Crimson Wish quests for gathering more agate to the Frost Bearing Tree. When the fort bearing tree reaches maximum will no longer refresh the crimson wish.
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Fort Bearing Tree rewards

  • If Frost Bearing Tree has reached Lv. 4, Players will get a blueprint of ‘ Warming bottle ‘.
  • If Frost Bearing Tree reach Lv. 9, players will get “Frost Bearing: Ancient Tree” name card style.
  • If Frost Bearing Tree reaches Lv. 10, players will get blueprints for forging the 4-star Catalyst weapon — Frost Bearer.
  • If Frost Bearing Tree has reached Lv. 12, will be the stylized wind glider — Wings of Concealing Snow.

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