Destiny 2 CookBook – A Mouth-Watering Read : Destiny 2

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By Guardian Outfitter Eva Levante, the introduction of the book is written. It makes sense that the Destiny 2 CookBook has more foods, like Overwatch, that you might conceivably make regularly. It can be told that this book takes place somewhere around Season of the Drifter, doing some reverse engineering from the storyline scattered throughout.

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About Destiny 2 CookBook

According to the official Book, the book has been described as:

Explore recipes inspired by Bungie’s hit franchise in Destiny: The Official Cookbook. Includes an in-game emblem code only available in the physical edition! Based on Bungie’s acclaimed video game series Destiny, this official cookbook is filled with recipes inspired by the Guardians and locations seen throughout the game’s expansive universe

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This cookbook contains recipes that have been inspired by the characters and locations seen in the massive universe of Destiny. Create mouth-watering food from a vast selection of game-inspired recipes. Clear instruction, steps, and full-color pictures are present to help guide and inspire fans to take their own culinary journey through the solar system.

The book has covered all the delicious recipes. After the Red War events, Eva Levante traveled around the world, collecting a variety of recipes after meeting up with several Guardians along the way and learning from their adventures.

Destiny 2 CookBook - A Mouth-Watering Read : Destiny 2

The book starts on a promising note. The premise of the book is that Eva Levante narrated it. This book was probably written sometime around Joker’s Wild, as there are many references to Drifter, one mention of Ada, but no mention of Saint-14, Eris, or Calus. There’s a lot of attention on Cayde being dead.

Introduction and Interludes can come as boring and repetitive. They could have been cut short. I personally thought that the author shouldn’t have concentrated too much on trying to explain how or why Eva had these recipes because they were a little closer to items that were realistically readily available to eat in the Last City.

Destiny 2 CookBook - A Mouth-Watering Read : Destiny 2

The author hasn’t left any stone unturned in making this cookbook a mouth-watering and interesting read, apart from some minor issues. If you are familiar with the universe of Destiny, consider buying this book. You can buy it from Amazon too. And don’t forget to follow us on Game Stanza and Google News for the latest news about Destiny 2 CookBook and much more.

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