Real life looking Overwatch heroes – Overwatch leaks and rumors : Artist paints Overwatch heroes in realistic faces.

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    Real life looking Overwatch heroes

    Overwatch is a famous multiplayer game. Released in 2015, the game has garnered a loyal and dedicated fanbase. One such fan group on Reddit with the username “_m0us_316” decided to go a step ahead in their admiration for the game. Recently they uploaded a series of pictures of each character. Reimagined if they were real people.

    What is more hilarious is how creepily real they look. They reportedly used Artbreeder. An application that helps you use machine learning to alter and combine images. And we surely approve the result.

    Here is a look at the work done by “_m0us_316” :

    Real life looking Overwatch heroes - Overwatch leaks and rumors : Artist paints Overwatch heroes in realistic faces.

    It may be of note that the faces have been cleaned off to make them as humanly as possible. Therefore, specific features like scars tattoos are clearly missing, for example, Reinhardt’s menacing scar over the eye. As was also mentioned on the Reddit post. However, the resemblance can be easily made. The most surprising for us was of course Junkrat. He looks freakishly human in this.

    What we expect from Blizzard now

    Now lets see if Blizzard Entertainment will look towards this for any future renditions of Overwatch and give us a more realistic Call of Duty style fighter arena game.  Ofcourse not all heroes have been animated and perhaps the developers will take their queue and get on it to give us an awesome new version of the game.

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