Super Zangyura Postponed to Spring 2021 in Japan : Super Zangyura

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“Platine Dispositif” a video game developer company has delayed the launch of the new game “Super Zangyura” which is around spring 2021 in japan. It will get launch for the switch, ps vita, and Play Station 4. Let’s know more about the game in detail.

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About the game and why the game is not released yet?

  • The side-scrolling adventure game places players in control of a maid who’s going to die again and again as she uses an iron ball as her weapon to make her way across an abandoned castle full of outrageous traps.
  • It was originally planned to be a remake of the 2004 released PC titled “Zangyura”.
  • According to the Platine Dispositif, the game is already submitted to the Japanese rating board Computer Entertainment Rating Organization for review.
  • Super Zangyura’s initial intention was to carry it to Move sometime in 2020 in Japan. Since we’re on the last day of 2020, that’s clearly no longer happening.

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