GigaByte Feature the new E-ATX AORUS c700m Glass chassis computer case : Technology

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Hey, gamers! GIGABYTE has featured the new E-ATX Aorus c700m Glass chassis computer case. This feature has introduced gaming for all types of gamers! If you are a gamer and you wanna know about this new feature. Have a look at this article.


GIGABYTE has revealed the new gaming case. AORUS C700M GLASS maintains a maximum E-ATX motherboard. 420mm liquid cooling system up to ten 2.5” of SSD, and a total of eight 120mm fan system. CPU coolers up to 19.8 cm in height, and PSUs up to 20 cm in length. AORUS C700 GLASS chooses the different glassy black on both sides’ tempered glass, the special processing of AORUS model design on the left side can be synchronized with another RGB lighting.

GigaByte Feature the new E-ATX AORUS c700m Glass chassis computer case : Technology

Gamers can download the RGB FUSION 2.0 software and experience it on their device. The graphics card looks attractive & thoughtful on the outside of the card.  This supports both vertical or horizontal for installation. In this device this team equipped with four USB3.0, a 20 GB/s USB 3.1 Gen2 Type-C port, a HDMI, audio port, RGB buttons and Fan speed buttons. This liquid cooling system can install with a maximum of 420mm radiator at the top then with a maximum of 360mm radiator at the front and with a maximum of 140mm radiator at the rear.


Users can effortlessly exclude case panels without any tool, it’s beneficial to expand the device plus regularly clean it. In the way of PSU installation, users can gather the PSU with the mounting plate in motion, then launch it into the case from the rear side, which allows users to install more easily and also helpful to upgrade components. AORUS C700 GLASS built-in ARGB and PWM hub controller implemented three 5v 3pin ARGB connectors and five PWM connectors, which permits users to combine extra RGB strips furthermore expand more thermal fans.


Till now they haven’t exposed the price. Hope the company will soon release the price.

GigaByte Feature the new E-ATX AORUS c700m Glass chassis computer case : Technology

This device helps Gamers easier and easier. This will surely suit the gamers flawlessly.

Enjoy and have more fun with this device Gamers!

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