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Half Life: Alyx is a 2020 VR first person shooter game developed by Valve. The game plot is set between Half-Life and Half Life:2. The game was released in 2020. But Valve claims to be working on it since 2010. After Half-Life:2 Valve faced several failed attempts to create another Half-Life life project. Then, keeping VR in mind he started experimenting on it. They also found that the Game is best suited for VR and they don’t plan on releasing an non-VR version of he game.

Game Play

In the game play players can control Alyx Vance, the daughter of Eli Vance. The events in the game have occurred 5 years prior the return of  Gordan Freeman. In the game Alyx Vance and her father fight the Combine which is an alien empire that has conquered the earth. The game has a length almost similar to the Half-Life 2. The designer David Speyrer said that “Alyx was not an episodic game or a side story but the next part of the Half Life Story.” For this game players have to use VR to obtain supplies, use interfaces, throw objects and engage into combat.

Although the game is a first person shooter game, but it has some elements of survival horror genre. Because the health and ammo provide are comparatively sacrce than the other shooter games. And like the Half-Life:2’s gravity gun, Half life Alyx offers players with a gravity gloves to allow players to manipulate gravity. On top of this all the weapons of the Half-Life game are can be operated with one hand. Allowing players with a benefit of a free hand. Valve wanted the players to be able to interact with the world at all the times. The basic elements of the Half-life game like explorations , puzzles, combat, story etc are there.

The players can move Alyx with a VR room scale if they have enough space and if not they can always opt for an analog stick. But while jumping from heights the players have to keep in mind that Alyx may die if attacked or moved from a too great height.


One thing that players should keep in while playing the game is that, they will have to be updated with the game storyline as it is sandwiched between the Half-Life and Half-Life 2. The next most interesting thing that I found were the gravity gloves. Though they are not as powerful as a gravity gun. At times these gloves very efficiently turned a weakness into a strength. They are also much more compact and easy to use. And there are many players who may not possess a VR set. But buying one for this game is totally worth it with the awesome graphics.

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