GTA 5 Free Christmas Gifts 2020 – The Holiday Package : GTA 5

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It’s Christmas, and how is the festive season complete without gifts and surprises? GTA fans will also get Christmas gifts from their developer’s Rockstar with their Christmas offer. From snow to spotting a Christmas tree and to a new car to add, there is a lot to grab for a GTA  5 lover this Christmas season. Read this article till the end to know everything about the GTA 5 Free Christmas Gifts 2020 and also the latest DLC updates.

GTA 5 Free Christmas Gifts 2020 - The Holiday Package : GTA 5

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GTA 5 Free Christmas Gifts 2020

GTA 5 Free Christmas Gifts 2020 - The Holiday Package : GTA 5

The festive season gift was added to the game through a Cayo Perico Heist Update. The Christmas gift offer will last till 30th December, which started on December 24th. The holiday package was added to GTA Online, but to Red Sea Online The package’s highlight was snow has arrived in San Andrea’s. Gamers have a chance of having a snowball fight, but make sure you are unarmed to have the fun. You can fight by pressing left on the d-pad, by right instead for gamers playing on Xbox and pressing G on your PCs. Other gifts to grab are snacks, armor, bombs, Molotovs, and mines.

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Grab the gifts!

Gamers also get a chance to add 2x GTAA$ and RP boost to their game modes. The most interesting gift gamers get is a free vehicle. Yes, gamers get a chance to add an all-new Grotti Brioso 300 to their garage for absolutely free. The care originally is available for $6,00,000, which is made free between 24th to 30th December. Along this seller will be seen selling festive things, and vendors will all be decorated for the holidays. a Christmas tree could be found at the legion square, which players can visit and have fun there. More Christmas gifts are a Vibrant Stitch Emissive Mask, a red bleeder sweater, a Green Cluckin’  Festive sweater, a tartan livery, a candy can livery, a firework launcher, an HVY APC, AND HVY Insurgent Pick up custom, to name a few.

So, there you have it, guys. This is all the information that you need to know about GTA 5 Christmas Gifts 2020. Want to know more about these kinds of Christmas Gifts in GTA 5? Visit their official website to get all the information about the updates, and follow our website, Game Stanza, to get the latest GTA 5.

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