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With the latest patch update 1.14 Valorant introduced its new Night Market feature, where players will have 6 shots to obtain a random discounted weapon skin from the Night Market. Let’s discuss what this Night Market is and how this thing works?

Valorant Night Market

Valorant has been introducing new in-game skins since from its launch and players love their skins. As it gives a unique gun body, kill animation, different reload animation, SFX etc instead of just a typical paint job on guns. Some such as the Oni collection, the prime collection is always been in everyone’s wish list. But because of the high price tags, players hesitate to purchase skins.

Night Market
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Valorant producers listen to its community and released the night market feature in their latest patch update. Night Market works on lottery concept, where it randomly select any skin from Premium to Delux of any random weapon. If you’re lucky enough, you may get your favourite skin at a discounted price.

Once a slot occupied by skin, that slot can’t be reused unless the player buys the discounted skin first.

Remember the night market will avail discount only on a single skin from a bundle, not on an entire bundle.

With the release of Blast X and Winter Wonderland skin bundle, this Night Market feature might draw in the players to get one of the new skins from the two bundles at a price less than the original one.

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Is the Night Market any good?

While the majority of players are highly disappointed as they expected to get high tiers skins from the night market in Valorant store but found it filled with unpopular and low-tier skins.

However, some get lucky enough to have their favourite skins and the skins offered through the night market.

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Source: Twitter

Seeing the fans disappointed with the Night Market, the Valorant developers ensure its community that they will redesign and improve the Night Market by taking suggestions from the player base.

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