The Sephiroth Challenge – The Legend ,The Lore and The Anticipation : Super Smash Bros Ultimate

    Drumrolls, please! A bit of early present for gamers such as yourself right before Christmas was the Sephiroth Challenge. Sephiroth finally landed in Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

    Sephiroth Challenge - Gamestanza

    Players unlocked the one-winged angel unlocked early as part of either; Fighter Pass 2 or Challenger Pack 8, granted if you fought for your life (not literally, you know what we mean). As the coveted Sephiroth Challenge ended, we explore what the challenge was all about and how to win it.

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    What was the Sephiroth Challenge all about?

    If you already purchased Ultimate, Nintendo gave you a chance to play him early. All you had to do was beat down Sephiroth in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s limited-time Sephiroth Challenge mode, which unlocked him, including his Classic mode playthrough.

    The in-game event ran from December 17th to 22nd, 2020. Players fought Sephiroth ahead in an easy, normal, or tough fight mode. The new DLC character was won by players who proved their worth and defeated one of gaming’s most fabulous final bosses in a unique mode.

    Sephiroth Challenge

    In the updated version of the Super Smash Bros Ultimate game, the Sephiroth Challenge came up on the top left corner. That took you to a unique screen featuring Sephiroth, and you had to choose from the three difficulty levels. After defeating him, Sephiroth was unlocked for any game mode and his new stage, Northern Cave.

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    How Tough Sephiroth Was to Beat

    Granted, he is one tough character to beat, but that did not make him unconquerable. The hack used by players was to take advantage of his weakness.

    Players prevented him from using the Range, which is Sephiroth’s greatest tool against them. Plus, they took care of avoiding his long-range sword strikes.

    Sephiroth Challenge

    Sephiroth, having more health than the players (such as you), made it clear for them to make sure to have excellent offensive or defensive tactics and focus on those abilities. You’d be able to clear through Sephiroth Challenge in Very Hard mode.

    Characters to use to your advantage were Pikachu, King K. Rool, and Belmonts, among others. Here’s a video for reference to know more about the challenge:

    The response to the challenge overwhelmingly positive on social media, and thus, it was a huge success.

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    Sephiroth For Everyone

    Anyone who missed? Or retried the challenge multiple times but still didn’t win? Don’t feel sad. Sephiroth is still unlockable even if you don’t have the Fighter’s Pass. Furthermore, Sephiroth is available for everyone now. It’s just the extra bit of surprise which made beating the Sephiroth Challenge all the better.

    We hope this inspires Nintendo to include new, exciting ways to unlock more upcoming DLC characters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Until then, have fun defeating Sephiroth, and good luck!

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