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The Frosty Fest Rocket League Event is a cool gaming-in event organized by the Rocket League. The year 2020 will mark the beginning of the 4th annual year of this seasonal year. Each year the event takes place between December and January. It is a special Christmas event organized by the Rocket League. After completing the challenges in the events, players are rewarded with exciting seasonal items. Golden gifts are also given as event challenge rewards. The season for 2020 commenced on December 14th and will continue till January 4th.

Frosty Fest 2020 Rocket League - Gamestanza
Credits: Gfinitysports

The challenges are divided into free and premium challenges—each with a specific set of rewards. There are also weekly challenges available. Here players can buy boosts with the help of snowflakes. Snowflakes are the game currency of the League. These snowflakes are to be obtained after playing matches.

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Frosty Fest 2020 Items:

Frosty Fest Rocket League - Gamestanza

Some new items have been brought as rewards for the players this year. The first reward is the Holiday Bow, which can be obtained by gain 1 XP level. The next one is a cold sweater, which can be gained after playing 3 online matches. The next one is peppermint, which can be unlocked after completing 15 goals. The item saves or assists a player during an online game. Another one is the snowman, which you can get after a save and a win. There is also a fireworks boost that can be obtained after 20 assists in an online game.

Other items like Sleigh queen, cold sweater, snowstorm, holiday hearth, and x-mas lights. The Golden item for the year 2020 con only is unlocked after playing 20 online matches. Another interesting item is 20k XP, which is unlocked after winning 20 online matches. Frosty Fest Rocket League Players can check these rewards in the challenge menu, where you get challenges and claim rewards. Rewards can also include customized items, XPs, or drops.

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Schedule of the Rocket League:

Rocket League - Gamestanza
Credits: Fresherslive

This league players have to be ready for three limited-time modes, including the new winter breakaway.

December 14th – Frosty fresh starts with winter breakawayDecember 21st- Spike rush returns, December 28th- Heatseeker returns, and January 4th – Frosty Fresh ends.

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Frosty Fest Rocket League Event:

Frosty Fest Event - Gamestanza

As the event commences, your players have to complete the challenges and unlock the seasonal items. Golden gifts will be given to the players as a reward for completing the challenges. These golden gifts will unlock the items from Accelerator, Elevation, and Triumph series. Free items are also available in the shop, as well as the special festive items.

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