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In 2018, Destiny 2’s Festival of the Lost introduced the comeback of Thunderlord. A lightning-slinging machine gun from the earlier version of Destiny. In the Arc week event, it was introduced, and it made a big deal for the Destiny fans who were there when it all began. Many of the players were hoping to get a Thunderlord in a drop, but it is a pretty rare chance that Destiny 2 would drop you with something good. With all the fan’s request, Thunderlord is back to the game but with a TWIST. You have to complete a quest and earn the weapon at your own skill. Now, let’s move forward on How to get Thunderlord Machine Gun in Destiny 2?

About Thunderlord destiny 2 Machine Gun

The Thunderlord is just a normal machine gun; it didn’t create that much of a difference if you have it in your inventory or not. But, with its high-velocity bullet rate, it could easily clear the enemies out of the way. The great news is that you can find Thunderlord very easily. You need to complete the quest guides, and you’ll have a beautiful and heavy machine gun in your inventory. Now, lets see How to get Thunderlord Machine Gun in Destiny 2.

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How to Start the Thunderlord destiny 2 Quest

How to get Thunderlord Machine Gun in Destiny 2 - Gamestanza

In the beginning, you need to visit the shipwright Amanda Holiday in the tower. She’ll give you an exotic quest (Don’t get happy hear, you have a long way) named as Journal of the Reef Cryptarch, which will be useful during the investigation of the murder of Master Ives.

Step 1: The Cryptarch’s Journal

How to get Thunderlord Machine Gun in Destiny 2 - Gamestanza

Thunderlord destiny 2. After getting the Journal, you’ll need to fill it with pages. You can acquire the pages by decrypting Legendary or Exotic Engrams or defeating Fallen majors in the European Dead Zone (EDZ). It will be a pretty chance that you will have a collection of Exotic Engram’s, which you can use for pages, so the best thing would be to head over to the EDZ and look for the Glimmer Mining Crew public event. The event is full of majors, so it will be beneficial to clear out all the pages’ tasks. Plus, you’ll get drops when you get to your last page.

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Step 2: Hunting The Fallen

How to get Thunderlord Machine Gun in Destiny 2 - Gamestanza

Once the Holliday’s Decrypted the journal pages you collected, head over to the lost sectors. Head to the EDZ and complete the Atrium, Terminus east, and Widow’s Walk Lost sectors. Loot all their chests to get credits; they don’t need to clear any sector in a particular manner. Just go for it. 

Once you are done with all the three lost sectors, your journal will update, and you’ll need to head west to the Outskirts of the EDZ. The only last sector you need to pay a visit to is the Whispered Falls. Complete them, and you will get a reward for it.

Step 3: Return to the Cosmodrome

How to get Thunderlord Machine Gun in Destiny 2 - Gamestanza

The final step of the Thunderlord destiny 2 quest is to talk to Amanda Holliday to get the coordinates. It will send you back to the whispered falls lost sector from the previous step and move ahead with the event. 

Activate the Fallen teleporter once you’ve reached the end of the lost sector. You will be redirected to the Cosmodrome zone from the original destiny. It is exactly what it sounds; you will be redirected to the old destiny for the thunderlord machine gun. Just follow the path shown in the game, you will come across Fallen ultra Kikliss, the murderer, who’s hiding in the old caves of Rixis. Kill him, and then you’ll get the reward when you return to the Holliday in the tower of claim Ive’s Last engram. 


Now, have fun with the beautiful Thunderlord machine gun and have fun grinding all the enemies. 


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