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    Dawn of man tips and tricks is something our internet lacks alot. One of the most underrated games in the market, A survival game which is fun to play and a lot to learn from. Here we are with the Tips and Tricks.

    About Dawn of man

    dawn of man tips and tricks - Gamestanza

    Dawn of man is a city-building survival game developed and published by Madruga Works. The beta version of this game was closed on the 17th of October 2018. The game was released on 1st March 2019.

    In this game, the player has to control and lead a group of players and create a civilization. The game will start from the paleolithic era and will develop to the stone era. The player must fulfill the basic need like food, water, house, and clothing to survive. You(players) are responsible for guiding the settlers to create sufficient settlement to store and extract resources for living. The player may also face disasters such as blizzards and storms and raiders, and To face raiders, you may have to create weapons.

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    Dawn of Man – Some Tips & Tricks

    Dawn of Man | Ep. 6 | Fortress Walls Begin Construction | Dawn of Man City Building Tycoon Gameplay - YouTube

    Let us start with the most basic tips and tricks that every new player should know when playing the game for the first time. Some steps to understand while playing the game:

    • Choose your resources wisely as it may affect your future gameplay and decisions. Never overfill or stockpile your resources just because you had enough space. You may regret your decision later if you don’t have space for any important resources based on your game situation.
    • Collecting and stockpiling(Overfilling) the wrong resources may also lead to a restriction in tool production, which will slow down some constriction work of your important residence/ building.
    • From the pre-game session, start looking for food for the winter season as you may have difficulty finding food during winter.
    • There are two other important resources other than food which will help you in winter.  They are skins for ( tents, clothes, and bows), stone for (stone walls, stone huts, and warehouses). Make you have enough of them to create the resources required to survive the winter season.
    • Avoid getting maximum workload in filling common resources like (Logs, Sticks). You can bottleneck the max amount of resources by adding the collecting limitations to these resources. An increase in workload can slow-down the collecting process of other resources, which may lead to starvation now and then, causing your citizens to die and losing the game.
    • Ensure you set all your crops field to high priority as soon as it is available to build one.
    • Hunting work areas work best when you are close to your settlement when in the game’s paleolithic and neolithic stages.
    • Building varieties of spiritual monuments will help you remove needless hardship and provide comfort every day to the citizen, ultimately making them miserable. You can also create sledges, fashionable clothes, and beer for keeping the citizens happy, which will boost worker efficiency.
    • Ensure you have a surplus of 10 housing and wool/skin attire to accommodate

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    Hunting & Natural resources

    Dawn Of Man - Guide, Tips, And Tricks For Beginners Players |

    • Build underground mining so that you don’t get exhausted from your natural flint supply.
    • Get as many woods as you can; this will help you in further eras where your house will require fuel logs.
    • Get a suitable place where there are many resources for wood, without food trees, and an area that you don’t use for tannins. Get a massive area for the storage unit so that you can store wood. And don’t worry about the wood shortage, they will grow up again later.
    • Never send more than 5 nomads for hunting parties before winter, or else they will freeze to death when they return to the base.
    • At the start/middle of the game, raw skins are a bottleneck. You will need to micromanage hunting parties (also useful for knowledge). Remember that you can double right-click to get people to run.
    • Be aware of sticks because they will be out of stock pretty soon. So, make sure to build a storage unit and collect as much stick as you could. Set a limit of 30 sticks with 2 nomads to gather around.
    • Tannins are gold in all eras, so make sure to use them wisely.
    • Do not enter all the forest areas. This will create a ruckus between the animals, and they will not spawn accordingly. So, set a big location for hunting and harvesting where you can send humans to gather resources.

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    Dawn of Man Tips-Building

    Dawn of Man: How to Increase Morale

    • There is a famous strat in this game, the no wall and sell everything for tech, where you will be a complete traveler and move around all the time. This is a good and interesting strat, but this will cause you to lose a lot of your herd population and might make you start the game again.
    • Always monitor your food level at the Food UI. Always keep the food storage intact or get a bit difficult to survive in the winter.
    • Try to build walls to be safe from the raiders; they try to attack your animals first.



    • You need to have a good starting point, So, always find the flattest land, broadest around your village. The major issue in farm production is due to the non-availability of flat land.
    • If you keep animals, they will eat many straws, so keep a storage unit dedicated to straws.
    • When you start producing straws, they will be overproduced, and it is good for the upcoming eras because straws don’t deteriorate. You need a good amount of storage place.
    • AVOID populating till 40, or else it might get a bit chaotic if you don’t have enough farm setup. You need to setup FARMS.
    • You can use Flax linen as fishing lines, the most valuable thing in the era. You can turn it into a fishing line with a stick. Build 2-3 flax fields at least at the start; you will have plenty of it to trade later.


    Wait for more updates, we will be updating the tips and tricks of Dawn of man on Gamestanza.

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