Tyler the Creator GTA 5 character Voice artist. The man behind random people voice! : GTA online

    Apparently, a very generous man found out that the voice behind Random people in GTA is Tyler, the creator GTA 5 character.

    Recently, GTA online fans have noticed a familiar voice in the game, which turns out to be Tyler, the creator.

    While the game was released seven years ago, people have just started to notice the Where This Flower Blooms rapper voices several random non-player characters in the popular game.


    GTA V's NPCs Don't Care Anymore (Video)
    Credit: GTA BOOM

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    How did people find about Tyler, The Creator?

    Tyler, the Creator Calls His Grammy Win a "Backhanded Compliment"
    Credit: highsnobiety

    One GTA V player tweeted on Saturday, November 28, ‘just found out Tyler the creator voices some random dude in gta 5 lmao’ along with a clip of one of the NPCs with his voice.

    Moments later, Tyler continues, “Aye, I’m sick of these niggas thinking families ain’t real, nigga.” The California guy says, “Man, shut up. Man, I’m tired of yo mouth,” Tyler replies, “Oh, you want me to beat yo ass, huh?.” At that point, a silver gun is brandished, and a fight between the two men ensues.

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    What GTA online Fans think about Tyler, The creator

    Everything Tyler, the Creator Has Done Since His Last Album, 2017's Flower  Boy | Pitchfork
    Credit: pitchfork

    The tweet has since been liked over 246,000 times and retweeted almost 30,000 times.
    You can also find a video of Tyler’s NPC being punched where you can hear the rapper scream!

    With the Voice behind the NCP revealed, many GTA online fans started tweeting about the moments they found which were similar to it. They had an idea about Tyler, the creator but they weren’t sure about.

    Someone Found that, Tyler made a track for GTA V saying, ‘y’all forget he made music for the game? this ain’t just random’. The song for the game named Garbage was released August 2013.

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    Tyler, The creator official Tweet about GTA

    Apparently, Tyler actually tweeted about his voice been added in the game. But, no one noticed as it skipped through everyone’s mind, as the hype was pretty high of the game. Only 6,000 people liked the seven-year-old tweet, while there more than those who play GTA Online.

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