Forza Horizon 5 latest update adds a PvP progression system and customized games

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Forza Horizon 5 latest update adds a PvP progression system and customized games

Forza Horizon 5 received a major upgrade on March 29th (FH5 Release Notes: March 29th), 2022, adding new progression systems and customizable racing options as well as a few metric tons of extremely sought-after automobiles.

Release Note Forza Horizon 5 update adds a PvP progression system and customized games

  • Horizon Open now has a new progression system, with badges that can be unlocked as you play.
  • In the latest update to Horizon Open, custom racing cars have been added. This will allow players to find races that match their chosen race discipline and Performance Index rating.
  • Fixed a problem where players might be delayed longer than necessary after the match has ended.

A slide inside the note states that Series 6’s emphasis is on player customization, so many of the changes are designed to make it simpler for others to see:

  • Paint buckets with a different hue and set of characters are hidden in various locations all over the world.
  • Events from the EventLab are broadcast twice a week
  • A community-organized tournament including photos taken by participants.
  • Seasonal PR stunts will now give you super spins in addition to regular spins.
  • New cosmetics and vehicles have been added to the game.

The Series 6 release adds a new Horizon story about the “infamous” Drift Club, which has numerous chapters in the game world. This is unlocked by playing the Series 6 Festival Playlist, which promises “numerous miles of drifts, including real-world inspiration from the notorious drift video,” according to developer Bend Studio…

The 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E 1400 is one example of an appropriate incentive. A “one-off prototype racing drift car” is another option. There are always a lot of new cosmetic items and benefits: vanity things, vehicle horns, emblems, and so on. They may be found in the full patch notes here.

For 2021’s Game of the Year, Forza Horizon 5 wins, and it’s well-deserved credit for a so dense, intricate, and gleefully joyful location. Playground has continued to release free upgrades at a steady rate, adding new game modes and gadgets. The demo also revealed that the game’s first expansion will be revealed in the near future.

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