Good Luck Games, maker of Storybook Brawl was, purchased by FTX

Storybook Brawl, a card based autobattler with a fantasy theme have Sold their company Good Luck Games to FTX

FTX, a cryptocurrency exchange, has acquired Good Luck Games, the creator of Storybook Brawl, a fantasy card video game that runs on the blockchain.

Good Luck Games will join forces with FTX Gaming in this arrangement, and Storybook Brawl will get blockchain-based integrations.

It’s unclear how Storybook Brawl will convert to a Web3 game, but it’s conceivable that FTX Gaming is planning to convert each card into an NFT.

NFTs are digital assets that run on a blockchain and can be bought and sold using online marketplaces like Binance.

The Storybook Brawl team is currently working on prototypes for the game’s transition to the blockchain, according to a ZDNet news item.

FTX Bought Good Luck Games? How Did it Happen

Storybook Brawl’s acquisition by FTX is a signal of where the gaming division wants to go, according to on CEO David Bankman-Fried of FUTUREX.

“Outside of it being an incredibly fun game our whole office enjoys… we saw an opportunity to be the vanguard for the ethical integration of gaming and crypto transactions in a way that hasn’t yet been done in this space,” Bankman-Fried was saying in a statement.

Developers of “Good Luck Games,” a well-known name in collectible card games like as Magic: The Gathering and Elder Scrolls: Legends, previously worked on titles such as Magic: The game is currently available in early access form, having been released on Steam as of May 1. It’s a fantasy action role-playing video game that debuted last June under the name Storybook Brawl.

The upcoming Good Luck Games is confirmed by The Street, which stated that FSTX has bought the mobile gaming firm.

Just a few weeks ago, Steve Sadin was named as FSTX’s new Head of Gaming Partnerships, having been appointed less than two weeks earlier. According to Sadin, a former Magic: The Gathering player who is from WB Games and Sega, he has known many members of the Good Luck Games crew for almost 20 years due to his prior involvement in the Magic: The Gathering community.

Given the popularity of NFT card games like Axie Infinity and Splinterlands, Storybook Brawl may seek to establish itself as a direct rival to Web3’s flagship titles in the blockchain gaming sector.

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