How to become Vampire In Skyrim? : Skyrim – The Elder Scrolls V

So basically Vampirism takes the no. of death on its victim’s appearance and whenever a human or an elf becomes or gains the power of the vampire, his eyes become blackish irises, and their color of the skin pales down, and their faces grow fangs on it which look like gaunt. Now, lets talk about How to become Vampire In Skyrim.

Slitted pupils transformation will have Argonians and KHajiit eyes. Basically, the vampires of Argonians and Khajiits look the same with or without having Dawnguard install in it

PART- 1 : Becoming a Normal Vampire

1.Contract the disease “Sanguinare Vampires”

Vampirism leads to this disease. By getting attacked by Skyrim vampire enemies we can also contract this. “Vampiric Drain” spell and physical weapons both transmitting the disease each time when you are attacked.

2.Ensure that you are not immune

If a werewolf infected you then,  you will surely immune to Sanguinare Vampires disease. Moreover, Hircine’s Ring will also make you immune. Thanks to their natural disease resistance that Argonians and Wood-elves are a little less to contract it.

How to become Vampire In Skyrim - Gamestanza

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3.Do does not cure “Sanguinare Vampires”

To transform into vampirism the disease will take 72 hours. The Skyrim player will become a vampire after this period of time.

  1. Now some of the messages are going together by red flashes when you come near the 72 hours.
  2. Now touch sunlight is needed before the game allows you to transformed into a vampire.
  3. Drinking a Cure Disease potion can cure “Sanguinare Vampires”

4.Use the console (PC only)

Using the console to cheat, you can quickly and easily become a vampire without contracting  “Sanguine Vampiris”.  Press (~).

Type player. setrace player race vampire.  and then press Enter.

PART – 2 : Becoming a Vampire Lord

How to become Vampire In Skyrim - Gamestanza

1.Obtain Dawnguard

To access the Vampire  Lord perks there is an expansion for “Skyrim”.  In Skyrim, Dawnguard is available for all systems. Vampire Lords have significantly different weaknesses For frost and fire Vampire Lords have  different weaknesses as compared to Skyrim vampirism

2.Start the Dawnguard quest

After installing  Dawnguard, guards and innkeepers will begin telling the players about The group of Skyrim vampire hunters will begin telling the players about guards and innkeepers. Now you will need to go to Fort Dawnguard, situated in the southeastern, to the east of Riften.

3. Start the “Awakening” quest

First, speak to the Dawnguard,  then you will receive the quest. Now there, you will find the vampire Serana, who will ask you to escort her to her father at Castle Volkihar.

4. Escort Serana home

Take Serena to Castle Volkihar, west of Solitude. Return Serana to Lord Harkon and he will now offer to make you into a VSkyrim ampire Lord.

5. Use the console (PC only)

If you are not likely to go on the quest to become a skyrim Vampire Lord, then enable it by using a console.  Press (~) To open console –  Enter the cheat for having the ability to turn into a Vampire

  1. Lord: player .addspell 300283b
  2. type player .addspell  301462a  for having a full command to the  Vampire  Lord.


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